Sometimes you travel the world to get to where you are going…

Jay, one of our students,  was using a visual trace route on his iPad to see how many hops it took to go from Shelbyville, Tn.  to a business in Ohio.

Amazingly he went from - 

Shelbyville, TN
Murfreesboro, TN
Nashville, TN        x3
Los Angeles, Ca    x2
New Orleans, LA
Atlanta, GA
ST. Louis, MO
Atlanta, GA
Los Angeles, CA
Broomfield, IL
Newark, NJ
Munchen, Germany – That’s right Germany…
Detroit, MI
Arrived in Ohio at the Business

21 Hops - How long does it take to go this distance?  About a second.

The internet finds the fastest route.  This doesn’t always mean the shortest.   Which as you can see doesn’t mean the shortest.



Do you know about decimal formats and websites?

Over the years, you have learned that you can go to a website by simply typing the name of the website.  Such as -

Did you know if you ping it, it will return the webserver’s address and you can use it to surf the web?

You can use this to troubleshoot your ISP.  How?  If your internet appears to be down, simple ping one of you favorite sites and then put the IP address into a browser.  If you can get to the website by doing this, more than likely your ISP’s DNS is down.

Now, did you know you can convert it to a decimal format and go to the website by typing the decimal value?


As mysterious as this may seem, networking gets even more complex.  DNS entries determine the name resolution to IP address.   Webservers can be clustered and have different entries for the hundreds or even thousands of variations of naming conventions.

The network command NSLookup can be used to see these servers.   Example:  Go to a command prompt – type
NSLookup and you’ll see multiple servers.



Non-authoritative answer:

If you ever get a decimal format in an email header and you wish to report the address as spam or as an abusive email, you can decoded it here.

To convert an IP address to a decimal format, use this site.

Here’s another small lesson using NSLookup.  Did you know you can find the email server’s information for more troubleshooting?  How?

First type nslookup and hit enter, then set the type by typing set type=mx and enter again.  Next type the website address and hit enter.

Default Server:

> set type=mx

Non-authoritative answer: MX preference = 10, mail exchanger =

For more information on set type, visit Microsoft’s TechNet Library.

Vista, 7 and 8 Networking Woes – Fixed

These tips work on Snap Servers and NAS devices that say they are NOT Vista, 7 and 8 capable and XP workstations that will not connect.

Option 1

When connecting Vista, 7  or 8 to XP, if you have problems, make sure the time is correct on both machines

Option 2

On the Vista, 7 or 8 Computer
select Administrative Tools->Local Security Policy.
Select Local Policies->Security Options->Network security->LAN Manager authentication level.
Select this and use the drop down to change it to:
Use the setting “Send LM & NTLM – use NTLM v.2 if negotiated”

If you go to the UNC Path \\yourcomputer, you will have to use the username:

thecomputeryouareconnectingtoname\usernameonthatcomputer  then enter your password.

Vista, 7 or 8 has great networking features, you just have to know how to use them. Click on Images to Enlarge.

Streaming TV, Movies and more with Rabbit TV?

There’s big talk about Rabbit TV, the usb stick that delivers  TV, live streaming, movies and more.   Curious about any technology that is out there, I purchased one for $9.99 at a local drug store with a one year free subscription.   Rabbit TV promises free TV, classic TV, movies, movies on demand and more.

It appears that Rabbit TV has the technology to gather full episodes of TV and consolidate them into their website.  Although many of these sites are free if you want to travel to each one and check links periodically, Rabbit TV finds them for you and puts them in a library on the web.

It requires the USB stick (handles licensing and user registration) for installation and to watch your choice of entertainment.  Compatible with Windows or MAC, Rabbit TV is an excellent way to consolidate these entertainment into one site without search for full episodes on network TV online.   Although many of these may be free,  you don’t have to search for episodes online.   This consolidation makes Rabbit TV the largest library on the web.

Installation requires you to plug the USB stick in and have an internet connection.    Once you plug the device in, a wizard guides you through the installation and web navigation process.

1 Start 2 Register 3 - Software 4 Install 5 Installing 6 installed 7 Registration 8 Redbox Netfix 9 Logged in

So is it worth it?  Sure.  Now keep an open mind.   If you travel or don’t want the hassle of finding full episodes of TV shows or free movies on the web or even if you want movies on demand then it may be for you.

It rates three stars out of five on most sites but for the convenience and price,  it’s a good gadget if you are on the go, traveling or want to get away to a private place in your own home.

After the one year is over (initial registration), there is a $10 annual subscription.

The above review and opinion is that of the author and not TTC Shelbyville.

Experts hope for another failure in next Anonymous attack

Anonymous’ failed attack against Israeli websites last month has left security experts cautiously optimistic that the hacktivist group will be unsuccessful in its plans to disrupt U.S. government and banking sites.

Anonymous plans to launch distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks on May 7 against nine government sites and more than 130 financial institutions….”

Experts hope for another failure in next Anonymous attack.

Networkworld (ShareThis)

Unseen, All-Out Cyber War on the U.S. has Begun

“There’s a war going on, and it’s raging here at home — not in the streets or the fields, but on the Internet. You can think of it as a war on the digital homeland. If you work for a power company, bank, defense contractor, transportation provider, or other critical infrastructure type of operation, your organization might be in the direct line of fire. And everyone can become collateral damage”

Unseen, All-Out Cyber War on the U.S. has Begun.

(Shared from CIO)

How long will it take to crack your password?

Mickey found a great site that gives the approximate time it will take to break your password.  The site, gives the  approximate time and a background color that indicates how secure your password is.  There are other things to worry about.  One of the things people don’t realize is that the code in your website may reveal even the most complex passwords.  It is up to the webmaster of your site to keep you secure.



Test your ISP’s Quality

Almost everyone is familiar with testing their internet for speed.  With sites such as, a true internet speed test and, you can see how fast your internet is (download and upload speeds) performing.

But what about quality?   Here’s a site that will test your ping response time and jitter.


How long will it take a file to transfer on a network or to download?

Numion has several excellent tools in order to estimate how long it takes a file to transfer on a network or to be downloaded from the internet.   Of course these are estimates that are affected by overhead and other factors.

For example, if you have a 2.3 Gigabyte iso  that you want to download and you don’t have anything on your network that is using traffic , you can estimate 4 hours and 19+  mins on a T1 with a 20% overhead.

You can download the calculator page and use it offline (Noted on the site).

Other calculators include stopwatch to measure your website loading speed, server requirements, server capacity and others.

2013 Cyber Threats

2013 Predictions – Cyber Threats


  • As BYOD takes off in the workplace and in education, the use of social media along with emails on BYOD devices will cause infections and loss of data
  • IDS/IPS systems along with firewalls that are not implemented in medical facilities and doctors’  offices will cause data loss as records are moved online- The medical industry needs quality audits at all levels.
  • DDoS attacks will increase (at this time, around 65% of companies experience this annually)
  • Cyber attacks will increase  against the U.S.
  • Advanced SQL injections will lead to more data theft
  • Use of social networking and personal surfing habits at work will continue to lead to corporate data loss
  • Cheap Android tablets that don’t offer updates (security) are being sold at a record breaking rate this Christmas - this becomes the weakest link on home and business networks creating a vehicle for data loss 
  • Application Markets will try to stop malicious apps from being uploaded but the overwhelming demand of consumerization and application development outpace quality control on the source market.  This will continue to allow malicious software to be uploaded.
  • Outdated insecure applications will continue to be a problem
  • Botnets will infect smartTVs and other home based devices on your network
  • Counterfeited components manufacturing will increase
  • Infected firmware will increase on devices (backdoors) i.e. printers, hard drives, picture frames, wi-fi devices
  • Cloud computing and storage will be hacked
  • Incorrect sharing of documents on cloud servers will become a problem
  • Data loss will be recorded on personal devices that contain corporate documents
  • MAC OS will become a more attractive target
  • SCADA will become a large target

Have a  prediction? Let us know. We’ll post it.

Manufacturers should have a quality team to insure that devices are up-to-date and business and home owners need policies (rules) on internet usage.  Consumers need to be educated on products and safe internet usage.

Increase QoS priority in Windows 7

If you are video conferencing from one computer to another, QoS plays an important role.   By default, QoS has a priority of 20%.   So how do you increase this?  Easy.  This applies to Windows Pro and above.

Expand “Computer Configuration”-
“Administrative templates,”
Select the “QoS Packet Scheduler.”
Double click the “Limit Reservable Bandwidth” key,
Now check the “Enabled” item on the Settings tab.
Change the “Bandwidth limit %” to 30 or above depending on how much you need to reserve
(test this during busy hours on your network to tweak this number), then click Apply and exit gpedit.msc.  Now go to a cmd prompt as an administrator and type gpupdate/force.



Don’t forget to enable Traffic Shaping in your router if it has the option (Dir-655 shown – DLink) and WMM.
(Enabling WMM can help control latency and jitter when transmitting multimedia content over a wireless connection)


WMM Enabled


Remember, these settings also help with VoiP applications.