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Debug Your Internet with ICSI Netalyzr

This analyzer helps you to debug dozens of features that have a direct effect on your internet connection.  From Berkeley,  this analyzer loads a small Java file to your computer.  Link

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Sometimes you travel the world to get to where you are going…

Jay, one of our students,  was using a visual trace route on his iPad to see how many hops it took to go from Shelbyville, Tn.  to a business in Ohio. Amazingly he went from –  Shelbyville, TN Murfreesboro, TN … Continue reading

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Do you know about decimal formats and websites?

Over the years, you have learned that you can go to a website by simply typing the name of the website.  Such as – http://www.wordpress.com Did you know if you ping it, it will return the webserver’s address and you … Continue reading

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Vista, 7 and 8 Networking Woes – Fixed

These tips work on Snap Servers and NAS devices that say they are NOT Vista, 7 and 8 capable and XP workstations that will not connect. Option 1 When connecting Vista, 7  or 8 to XP, if you have problems, … Continue reading

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Streaming TV, Movies and more with Rabbit TV?

There’s big talk about Rabbit TV, the usb stick that delivers  TV, live streaming, movies and more.   Curious about any technology that is out there, I purchased one for $9.99 at a local drug store with a one year free … Continue reading

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Experts hope for another failure in next Anonymous attack

“Anonymous’ failed attack against Israeli websites last month has left security experts cautiously optimistic that the hacktivist group will be unsuccessful in its plans to disrupt U.S. government and banking sites. Anonymous plans to launch distributed denial of service (DDoS) … Continue reading

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Unseen, All-Out Cyber War on the U.S. has Begun

“There’s a war going on, and it’s raging here at home — not in the streets or the fields, but on the Internet. You can think of it as a war on the digital homeland. If you work for a … Continue reading

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