How to enable Java in Chrome after April 2015 update

1 no java

So Java is now disabled in Chrome and you need to run the Java plug-in.  Here’s what to do-

  • Type chome://flags/#enable-napapi
    2 Flags
  • Click Enable (Enable NPAPI)
  • Relaunch Chrome

Look for the small plugin symbol that will show up in the top right corner and select Allow (refresh the page if necessary)

3 Permission to run

For more information –

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Driver Packs for Windows – Snappy Driver

Need the latest drivers for your computer?  Use Snappy Driver to comb the internet for your drivers.

0 Snappy Driver 1 - initial 2 This PC 3 Installing

5 Snappy Drivers installing

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Is your hard drive dirty? Is NTFS Self-healing on? Why use chkdsk?

If you want to find out if your hard drive is dirty, simply open a command prompt and type fsutil dirty query c:

1 Dirty

You can also run ntfschk –

Dirty Two

You can now check to make sure NTFS self-healing is on.  It should be by default.
Open a command prompt and type fsutil repair query c:

1 - query

If your drive is old and you suspect it is going bad, you can type –

fsutil behavior set BugcheckOnCorrupt 1

You can manually turn on NTFS self-healing by typing –

fsutil repair set c: 0x01

Ultimately, you can use the chkdsk command to help repair drives.

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Drive Controller Info for Windows and how to enable AHCI

Want the best performance from your HDD or SSD?

Note:  There is always a risk when you change settings – backup your data before doing this

  • Enter your BIOS
    • Is AHCI enabled on the HDD or SSD?
      • Yes?  Then you are probably ok.  Check your Device Manager and make sure you see AHCI on your controllers.
    • No, but AHCI is available and you have Windows 7 installed?  Do not change to AHCI until you boot normally into Windows and edit the registry
      • Exit all Windows-based programs
      • Click Start, type regedit in the start search box, and then press ENTER
      • Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE / SYSTEM / CurrentControlset / Services
      • Open msahci  –  click on “start” and go to Modify -in the value Data field enter “0” then click “ok” – Exit “Regedit”
      • Reboot your computer and enter the BIOS – Change the setting to AHCI – save the changes and boot into Windows
        • Your computer will enter Windows and recognize the new settings and reboot once more
        • Your computer will now be faster using AHCI

What if you have Windows 8.1 and AHCI is available in the BIOS but not configured?

  • Open the command prompt as an Administrator
  • Type bcdedit /set {current} safeboot
  • Reboot and enter the BIOS
  • Change to AHCI – save and exit
  • Windows will boot into Safe Mode
  • Open the command prompt as an Administrator
  • Type bcdedit /deletevalue {current} safeboot
  • Reboot

Your drive controller will now be AHCI  (Check the Device Manager)

Have a SSD?  Don’t forget to enable TRIM

Open a command prompt and type-
fsutil behavior set disabledeletenotify 0

Here’s a great little program to exam your controllers –

Drive Controller info

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Defrag Windows Server or Workstation using Windows defrag from the command prompt

Want to defrag your Server so that the performance remains optimal?

You can use the built in Windows defrag for the safest defragging option.

  • Open a Command Prompt
  • Type defrag /C /U
    • The above command will defrag each drive on the server and give you a progress report on the screen


defrag two

The command can be put into notepad (as a batch file) and scheduled with the Task Scheduler to run after hours


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DSI Cable for PLCs

Upcoming post on how to create DSI cables (custom). PLC controller cables – How to custom make…


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Enable File History in Windows 8.1 and troubleshooting

Microsoft empowered the users of their OS to enable File History on Windows 7.   This allowed users to recover spreadsheets or data periodically if they made a mistake and wanted to recover the original.

In Windows 8, file history is off by default.  Users will need to have a mapped drive or external drive when recovering files.

What happens if neither is available and the user wants the file history to be on the same drive?

If you use the Charms Bar to navigate to offline files, it will tell you their are no usable drives.

1 FH

2 FH Off

Here’s what you can do.

Share a folder on your C drive with your username.  Make sure you give Full Control to your user.


Now navigate to the Control Panel.  In the search box (top right corner), type “File History”

  • Go to the control panel and search for File History3 Control Panel History
  • Click on Select Drive
  • Type the UNC path \\\yourfoldername and click ok
  • Next click Turn On

9 Search enabled WSearch must be on

It is important to select Advanced settings and to select the settings you need (see below).


You may also want to use the clean up versions option to clean up the backed up files.


Troubleshooting – If you get an error that a service is not started, open services.msc and enable WSearch.

Files being backed up –


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