Infosec Professionals – Bsides Nashville 2015

Infosec Professionals, Developers, Students and anyone else interested in Securing systems and information – Click on talks for more information.

Thanks Jay!


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GoFlex Home – gaining root access and performing drive maintenance

The Seagate GoFlex Home is a NAS for consumers.  We did a review some time ago on this product and gave it a good review.   Here’s a way to gain root access and perform drive maintenance on the drive.


Download Putty to gain SSH.   Write down your product ID which is found on the bottom of your drive.

Login to the drive using your browser.  Make sure no one is using the drive.  You must dismount the drive first.   Click on preferences.  Under Administration, expand the storage devices,  select the drive and click Eject. (Do NOT click Format)


Start Putty.  Type in the IP address of your drive on the first screen in Putty.


Click on Data and enter –
Noteyour username must be lowercase and the product ID must be in caps.

Putty Two

Click open.   Type your GoFlex password when prompted.

Now type –

sudo -E -s  hit enter
/usr/sbin/pchkntfs -f /dev/sda1  hit enter

Wait until it finishes.   Use the web login to reboot the device once it finishes.

1 Chkdsk

You will see the volume is marked as dirty (below).   I know this is the result of power loss several times over the past two years.

2 Checking disk

3 Verifying security

4 checked disk

Use the web login to reboot the device once it finishes.

Did you get unknown file system?  Try this command instead –
/usr/sbin/pchkntfs -f /dev/sda instead of /usr/sbin/pchkntfs -f /dev/sda1

Need a Factory Reset? (you can lose your data) – if the warranty is expired, you can remove the drive and put it in a drive doc on a sata connector and retrieve the files if it is NTFS formatted.

Original Factory reset and firmware – Backup your data and follow these instructions –

Need Speed?  Use ArchLinux.  Backup your data somewhere else and then follow the steps found here –

Want more tips on Seagate and other NAS devices?

More hacks? Enable features with a =1  (This should be for expert users only)

Use SSH to your drive.  Use vi to modify /etc/features.conf –

sudo vi /etc/features.conf
Note:  You can enable features by following instructions here –

vi tutorial –

Opening the drive

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Server 2003 is reaching end of life

Server 2003 is reaching its EoL.  Read more

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USBs can carry viruses

Zbot, a virus made by criminals, is still alive and well on the internet.   Designed to steal confidential information,  this virus can steal your banking information and more.  Below is an USB drive that is infected with multiple viruses including Zbot.

Always make sure AutoPlay is off on your computer and have multiple virus removal tools.  You should also have a sacrificial Tools USB drive that contains tools such as Malwarebytes, Adwcleaner, SuperAntiSpyware, RKill, RogueKiller, ComboFix and others.

Your USB should be scanned in a virtual machine after use.    The example below is from an USB drive that was used to remove viruses from an infected computer.  As you can see the drive contained multiple infections from different viruses.

You will also want to have a duplicate VM so the one you clean viruses with can be deleted and a new copy of the VM loaded.

1 autoplay

2 Virus Two

3 Virus Three

4 Virus Four

5 virus five

6 Virus six

7 Found

8 Cleaning

9 Quarantined

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Lost – Windows 7 DVD? Download the ISO from Microsoft with your key.

Have your key but not your DVD?   Download it from Microsoft Software Recovery.

  • Create a Windows 7 DVD for installation on a new hard drive
  • Create a backup Windows 7 DVD
  • Create a bootable USB drive with a copy of Windows 7
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Powerful System Information Utilities

System Information Utilities can provide you with information about your computer when planning an update of hardware or for drivers.  Here’s a few system information utilities that are free.


10 HWinfo

System Spec

11 System Spec


12 Speccy

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Free Network Scanners

Need to find computers, printers and other devices on a network?  Here’s 8 free network scanners that can scan and find devices on your network.

Angry IP Scanner

1 Angry IP 2 Angry IP

MiTEC Network Scanner


SZ Development network scan

4 SZ Development

NirSoft Wireless Network Watcher

5 Nirsoft

Softperfect Wi-Fi Guard

6 wifi guard

IP Seizer

7 IP Seizer

Very Simple Network Scanner


SoftPerfect NetScan

9 SoftPerfect

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