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The Virtual Computer Tour

Ever wanted to visit the inside of your computer but you were too scared?  Link This virtual computer tour not only takes you through your computer, but gives you a small video on what the inner workings do.  Go check … Continue reading

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77 Windows tips

Technet has a list of 77 Windows tips, don’t close the tips out too soon, you’ll find things you may not know how to do.   Although most of these are old if you have discovered Windows 7, many people … Continue reading

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Vista SP1 Cleanup Tool – Yes, someone is still using Vista

Vista’s SP1 uses a ton of space after its initial install.  The Vista Service Pack removal tool (Hey, I didn’t hear about it either) removes archived files returning a ton of space.  Remember, you cannot uninstall SP1 after this.  Hopefully … Continue reading

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The life of a file

The life of a file… 8:00 a.m.  The executive secretary begins writing a credit memo for several clients.  The file has sensitive data. 8:15 a.m.   The file is saved to the documents folder on the secretary’s desktop.   The … Continue reading

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Vista, 7 and 8 Networking Woes – Fixed

These tips work on Snap Servers and NAS devices that say they are NOT Vista, 7 and 8 capable and XP workstations that will not connect. Option 1 When connecting Vista, 7  or 8 to XP, if you have problems, … Continue reading

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