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Wise Program Uninstaller Portable

Want a good uninstaller that will clean registry entries after uninstalling a program that is portable and fast?  Wise Program Uninstaller can be downloaded from here and the portable version can be copied to a flash drive.

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Wireless Networks and GPS

Vistumbler is an excellent program to detect wireless networks and hotspots.  Vistumbler was originally made for Windows Vista but now works with Windows 7 flawlessly.  With live Google Earth tracking, you can add a GPS to your laptop and map … Continue reading

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Microsoft Research TCP Analyzer – Check Out Your Network

Microsoft Research TCP Analyzer (Link) is a network analyzer that allows you to analyze network traces of Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) connections. Given a Microsoft Network Monitor trace, the analyzer provides various performance statistics and visualizations for the captured TCP … Continue reading

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MiTeC Network Scanner finds your Network Devices and Computers

MiTeC offers a free network scanner that has several dozen features.  With capabilities to shutdown or remotely execute programs, MiTeC’s powerful features include: Network neighborhood Ping IP Address MAC Address (even across routers) MAC Vendor Device name Device domain/workgroup Logged … Continue reading

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SoftPerfect Free Software

Need to scan a network?  Want to find out who is on your network?  Need to index a network server or shared files to find files quickly?  Need to sniff a network for a rogue computer or device?  Need to … Continue reading

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Powerful System Information Utilities

System Information Utilities can provide you with information about your computer when planning an update of hardware or for drivers.  Here’s a few system information utilities that are free. HWInfo System Spec Speccy

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HD Tach – A good measurement tool for HDD/SSD

Want a reliable tool to measure your HDD or SSD speed? HD Tach is an excellent tool originally designed to measure HDD speed for Windows XP or Windows 2000.  So how can you run this program under Windows 7 … Continue reading

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Free Genealogical Research Software

Want to start looking into your heritage?  Gramps is a free software project and software to help track your genealogy. Gramps is currently on version 4.1.1.  Link  The software is portable, free and easy to use.  Start adding names (People).  Create … Continue reading

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Test your network speed

Need a quick way to check your network speed?  You can use TotuSoft’s Lan Speed Test. This small (124kb), excellent program allows you to transfer data packets from one computer to another across your network.  TotuSoft offers advanced versions of … Continue reading

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Add GeGeek Toolkit to Hiren’s CD/DVD for the ultimate troubleshooting tool

One of the best sites on the web is GeGeek.  GeGeek has over 300 tools (freeware) that you can download for troubleshooting any computer.   How can it possibly get more powerful? Use Rufus USB to create a bootable ISO … Continue reading

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Rufus USB boot and Hiren’s Boot ISO

Hiren’s Boot CD is one of the best tools IT personnel can get their hands on.  (See our article on adding the GeGeek Toolkit) WIth the following tools, Hiren’s can help you diagnose, repair and secure your computer – Avira … Continue reading

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Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector

My two personal favorite Wi-Fi Inspectors are NetSurveyor and inSSIDer. Another great application is Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector which is a powerful tool for managing and troubleshooting the Wi-Fi on a Windows XP, Vista, or 7laptop. Built in tests enable you … Continue reading

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Updates and HotFixes you may miss in Windows

Microsoft Windows has a great update feature built in.  You may not know it but Microsoft also releases HotFixes and other items that are needed for security, networking, features and other functionality. How do you find Hotfixes and other items … Continue reading

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The dangers of using outdated software

 Outdated software contains security flaws which cybercriminals can use as avenues to infiltrate the corporate network. The dangers of using outdated software.

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Protecting your network by pen testing it

This post is for educational purposes and any use of these tools against a network without explicit permission could be illegal.   Metasploit is designed to identify weaknesses in networks and hardware/software on a network.  Do NOT use metasploit for … Continue reading

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SVCHost Viewer – Find out what program is using it!

Anyone who has hit Ctrl-Alt-Del understands they may have several svchost.exe ‘s running.  What are they?  They relate to networking and some programs use svchost in groups.  This tiny download (14 kb) shows exactly what this file is doing. Link … Continue reading

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Networking Tools Portable – Network Stuff

This tiny powerful utility can sniff your network for security, DNS Resolving, Whois, and dozens of other options.  Network Stuff is free.

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Move Programs from your C drive

Many times I have met people who have almost filled their C drive with a ton of programs.  I personally prefer purchasing a new hard drive and cloning it to gain space.  However, it often gets risky or you don’t … Continue reading

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Can’t copy a file because your hard drive is damaged?

Over a period of time your hard drive may begin developing bad sectors or bad blocks.  Roadkil has a possible solution for you if you are afraid you are going to lose the data.   Unstoppable Copier copies your files … Continue reading

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Repair Windows Firewall

Need to repair or reset Windows’ Firewall?  Here’s a great utility to reset your firewall.  Repair WMI and Windows Firewall (by PCWinTech an excellent site). PCWinTech WMI and Windows’ Firewall Repair

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