The LMS servers and curriculum have won several awards for innovation and administration (Under TTC Shelbyville)-
Tennessee College of Applied Technology- Shelbyville

2005 Forensics Program Award
2011 Computerworld Honors
Dawn Babian – LMS Achievement 2012
Steve Mallard – SearchCIO 2012
2013 Shining Star


2014 InfoWorld Technology Leadership Nominee
2014 CTE- Excellence in Action Award Winner
A two page profile on the first ever CTE Excellence in Action Award Winning Program

CTE Page One CTE Page Two


PDF – TCAT-CIT two page

July 2015 – The Computer Information Technology was recognized at the White House’s Celebrating Innovations in Career and Technical Education.   The IT team of Dawn Babian, Steve Mallard and Mike Miller were recognized along with other CTE “Excellence in Action”  winners (2014 National Association of State Directors of Career Technical Education Consortium (NASDCTEc)’s Excellence in Action award).

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