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HACKMAGEDDON – An excellent website to view breaches and cyber attacks

HACKMAGEDDON is an excellent website where you can view breaches, security and other information.

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The world of ‘hackonomics’ -CNN


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What does the term MitM’d mean?

The term MitM’d means man in the middle.  Usually refers to a device or program that intercepts traffic between a source and a target.

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Can Hackers Steal Secrets from Reflections?

I encourage my students to go over and visit Rick, Paul and Bill’s blog.  In 2009, Rick posted a link to a Scientific American article on How Hackers Steal Secrets from Reflections.   Great Article.  With our students going through some … Continue reading

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Protecting your network by pen testing it

This post is for educational purposes and any use of these tools against a network without explicit permission could be illegal.   Metasploit is designed to identify weaknesses in networks and hardware/software on a network.  Do NOT use metasploit for … Continue reading

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