2013 Cyber Threats

2013 Predictions – Cyber Threats


  • As BYOD takes off in the workplace and in education, the use of social media along with emails on BYOD devices will cause infections and loss of data
  • IDS/IPS systems along with firewalls that are not implemented in medical facilities and doctors’  offices will cause data loss as records are moved online- The medical industry needs quality audits at all levels.
  • DDoS attacks will increase (at this time, around 65% of companies experience this annually)
  • Cyber attacks will increase  against the U.S.
  • Advanced SQL injections will lead to more data theft
  • Use of social networking and personal surfing habits at work will continue to lead to corporate data loss
  • Cheap Android tablets that don’t offer updates (security) are being sold at a record breaking rate this Christmas – this becomes the weakest link on home and business networks creating a vehicle for data loss 
  • Application Markets will try to stop malicious apps from being uploaded but the overwhelming demand of consumerization and application development outpace quality control on the source market.  This will continue to allow malicious software to be uploaded.
  • Outdated insecure applications will continue to be a problem
  • Botnets will infect smartTVs and other home based devices on your network
  • Counterfeited components manufacturing will increase
  • Infected firmware will increase on devices (backdoors) i.e. printers, hard drives, picture frames, wi-fi devices
  • Cloud computing and storage will be hacked
  • Incorrect sharing of documents on cloud servers will become a problem
  • Data loss will be recorded on personal devices that contain corporate documents
  • MAC OS will become a more attractive target
  • SCADA will become a large target

Have a  prediction? Let us know. We’ll post it.

Manufacturers should have a quality team to insure that devices are up-to-date and business and home owners need policies (rules) on internet usage.  Consumers need to be educated on products and safe internet usage.


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One Response to 2013 Cyber Threats

  1. Eric Johson says:

    And i thought 2012 was bad enough.

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