On July 1, 2013, the Tennessee Technology Centers became the Tennessee Colleges of Applied Technology.  TTC Shelbyville became TCAT Shelbyville.   The name change is authorized under Senate Bill No. 643 and House Bill No. 236.  The approval to public Chapter 473 is here.

In 2011, the Tennessee Technology Center at Shelbyville was recognized in Washington, D.C. as a Computerworld Laureate (Computerworld Honors Program).  “A Search for new Heros”.  In 2012 Steve Mallard and Dawn Babian were recognized by TechTarget’s Mid-market for customer service and innovation for the Learning Management System that provides 24/7 resources for students.  In 2013,  the CIT LMS won the prestigious Tennessee Technology Centers’  Shining Star award for best program.

TCAT Shelbyville supports students with lecture with three instructors (50 years of experience – combined), hands-on with ‘real’ equipment, live work orders, the best national certifications that are diversified in the major areas of Information Technology and a 24/7 LMS with over 3000 resources.

TCAT Shelbyville’s curriculum (backed by an advisory committee) and articulation program with other higher-ed institutions gives students a golden opportunity to obtain a degree in Information Technology/Systems after starting their career.

The Tennessee College of Applied Technology creates blogs for all of the different classes at this higher education institution as part of an online learning center found on our homepage.  Through the cooperation of WordPress (They support educational institutions!) we created this blog to communicate with students.   This Technical Blog is for the Computer Information Technology class and whoever wants to read it.

We share our information that we create (original content) and what we have found on the internet (we always give credit and a link). If we have inadvertently taken a screenshot or used content that you feel violates any agreement you or your organization has in place, please let us know and the material will be promptly removed.

This blog is for the collaboration of information and used as an educational tool.   Many articles that are being re-posted are through ‘addthis’ or ‘sharethis’ on the author’s website.  If you have questions or comments, leave us a comment.

Remember, always backup your computer before making changes and using any freeware.


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