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Driver Packs for Windows – Snappy Driver

Need the latest drivers for your computer?  Use Snappy Driver to comb the internet for your drivers.

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Enable File History in Windows 8.1 and troubleshooting

Microsoft empowered the users of their OS to enable File History on Windows 7.   This allowed users to recover spreadsheets or data periodically if they made a mistake and wanted to recover the original. In Windows 8, file history … Continue reading

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4 Exabyte download coming soon?

While numbers conflict on the exact number of Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1 users there are,  it seems that most agree that almost 1 billion Windows products are out there. Microsoft’s upgrade path to Windows 10 for its predecessors includes … Continue reading

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SSD drive with Intel chipset – Performance is in RST

Do you own a computer with an Intel chipset?  If you do,  you probably need to make sure you are running Intel’s Rapid Store Technology to make sure the appropriate drivers are installed.   By loading the drivers, I saw … Continue reading

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GoFlex Home – gaining root access and performing drive maintenance

The Seagate GoFlex Home is a NAS for consumers.  We did a review some time ago on this product and gave it a good review.   Here’s a way to gain root access and perform drive maintenance on the drive. Download Putty … Continue reading

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Did you really complete your Windows installation?

While we cannot cover every scenario there is, this is a general setup of  a Windows 7 or 8 computer. Check all drivers under the Device Manager Get the latest drivers for performance Optimize Network Card Configuration– Disable all but … Continue reading

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When engineers don’t think about the technicians

Recently my niece dropped her laptop and the hard drive stopped working.   Normally an easy fix, I looked for the access panel for the hard drive so that I could replace it.   What? No access panel?  Oh, easy fix, lets … Continue reading

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