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The easy way to subnet your network

Why?  The Golden Question All over the internet you will find information on ‘How to Subnet’.   Suddenly you are thrown into a world of bits and binary and given charts of ‘How to Subnet’.   But why do you subnet? Subnets … Continue reading

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Antenna Patterns

EMS Quest Viewer and predefined patterns are available for download here. This Viewer allows you to see the RF signals generated by different types of antennas.

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MiTeC Network Scanner finds your Network Devices and Computers

MiTeC offers a free network scanner that has several dozen features.  With capabilities to shutdown or remotely execute programs, MiTeC’s powerful features include: Network neighborhood Ping IP Address MAC Address (even across routers) MAC Vendor Device name Device domain/workgroup Logged … Continue reading

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MTU Settings for Ubuntu

Setting your MTU settings adjust your internet connection.  With my connection, a default setting of 1500 causes some webpages not to display at all (i.e. Ebay, Microsoft, etc.) My optimal settings are 1492 to change yours, open a terminal and … Continue reading

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Driver Packs for Windows – Snappy Driver

Need the latest drivers for your computer?  Use Snappy Driver to comb the internet for your drivers.

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