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Why autotuning may slow your computer down

First off, how does the Receive Windows Auto-Tuning work?    This feature basically lets Windows monitor the routing conditions in your network.   Conditions can be things such as application delay, network delay or actual bandwidth.  This allows connections to … Continue reading

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How can I improve my internet performance with DNS information in my router?

There are dozens of tips on the web from MTU size to tweaking network card or wireless router alternate firmware.  What isn’t covered a lot is DNS queries.   DNS or Domain Name Services is used when you type the … Continue reading

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Great Networking tools to analyze your network

ICSI Netalyzer is an excellent online tool that measures over 100 areas of your internet connectivity.  Use this to troubleshoot your internet connectivity.  Hosted by the University of Berkeley, this online tool is a must have when optimizing your network.  http://netalyzr.icsi.berkeley.edu/ … Continue reading

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Test your ISP’s Quality

Almost everyone is familiar with testing their internet for speed.  With sites such as   Testmy.net, a true internet speed test and Speedtest.net, you can see how fast your internet is (download and upload speeds) performing. But what about quality? … Continue reading

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Find and set your optimal MTU setting to improve your connectivity

MTU Ping Test Want to determine the optimal MTU for your ISP connection? Go to Search or Run (Windows 7 vs. XP) Type in cmd. Hit the enter. A Command prompt window will open. Type ping http://www.speedtest.net -f -l 1500 and hit Enter (or … Continue reading

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