GeGeek Toolkit – An interview with Jason

Years ago we found (Credit goes to Rick over at What’s on My PC) and realized that the website and Toolkit was an unreal resource and treasure for young IT Professionals.

Recently we struck a conversation with Jason of GeGeek and asked several questions about this amazing resource. The toolkit, software and website have gotten an overhaul over the years and it continues to be the best resource on the web for enthusiast and professionals.  (See our evaluation of the software)

Here’s what Jason has to say –

First and foremost I am not the original developer of GeGeek that was Mike. Mike actually retired from living in the USA and moved to ASIA, GeGeek was to be buried. When I came along I started helping Mike with the website which was completely different and once I took over I started migrating to a new server and updating a lot of the content from the old schema to the new.

The toolkit itself needed a massive overhaul since a lot of the software that was originally with it was either outdated or even contained crapware that the developers didn’t care. So the introduction to shift out a ton of software and bring the toolkit into a later stage with new content.

The other downside was the toolkit was originally distributed with everything included, so every 2 weeks a 1.7gb file was uploaded, not only did this cause havoc on the server but people often complained about the file being corrupted. It was at this time when Mike left that I thought that the toolkit needed a change, I can’t upload 1.7gb, internet in Australia wouldn’t cope lol, so I stripped out the contents then started again, it still wasn’t enough. I’ve stripped back the toolkit now 18 times and no longer a zip file but now an installer. Run, Install, Done.

Every 3 months a new update is released.

I got into computers when I was about 14 and I started computer programming, Visual basic, then Machine Code, Cobol, Fortran, before moving back to Visual Basic. A few years later VB.NET was my new hunger and today strongly using .NET.

Outside of GeGeek I am also a game developer writing on my PC game, yet again more programming and outside of that I am a Computer Technician in a retail store, solving customers riddles with Malware/Spyware and setting up new PC’s.

In the beginning updating the software was time consuming, plus you can’t hotlink to many websites since they forbid it, it was easier for some applications to just host it on our SSL Server, that way I can update everything on the fly. Its amazing how much old equipment I still use as well as new equipment to keep ahead of the times, when VR first came out I jumped onboard with the Oculus, that was several years ago and today I am using the HTC Vive, it’s a fun toy.

For anyone studying IT, keep at it, if you’re interested in any sort of programming, get in there and learn, there are so many different places out there online that offer programming assistance that its all free to learn. Depending on what direction you want to go with IT its a real game changer out there in the world and technology for the world is only just starting, what you learn today you could be one of the people in the future living on Mars or Saturn building a better future for tomorrow.

Jason of GeGeek

Thanks Jason for allowing us to evaluate and test the Kit!  We’ll continue to pass this great resource on to hundreds of young IT professionals at our college and we’ll continue to evaluate it over the years.

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