GeGeek Toolkit Review 2018 ver. 11.41

We did a review of GeGeek’s Toolkit back in 2014 after hearing about the website and toolkit from Rick over at “What’s On My PC’.  Recently, Jason of GeGeek reached out to us and gave us the latest release of GeGeek’s Toolkit.

If you haven’t heard about GeGeek’s website or Toolkit, go over and pay him a visit.

Since 2014, the website has undergone an entire revision.  With a blog on the home page and hundreds of links and resources for the IT professional or the computer enthusiast, the new website has a ton of topics about every topic you can imagine.


The GeGeek Toolkit download is only around 12 MB in size.  However, once you start the installation and updates,  there is more than 7 GB of files.   While this may take some time to download, you won’t be disappointed.

GeGeek Toolkit properties

The installation is straightforward.  With over 600 programs, 340+documents and over 500 weblinks, you’ll find that this program contains tools that will meet all of your needs.

1 Installation

With three installation types, you can select typical, custom or full.  For this installation, we selected the complete installation to try out all of the programs.

2 Installation choose

After selecting the ‘type’ of installation you want, select the Next button.

3 Ready to install

The Windows UAC may appear, select Yes to continue with the setup.


During the installation,  GeGeek will create a folder under your C drive. You can copy  the folder to a USB drive to use the programs while on the go.

5 Installing

Once files are copied to your HDD or SSD, you can finish the installation and begin the updates.

6 Completing

After installing and starting the program, you’ll see a floating icon on your desktop that allows you to move the icon anywhere on your desktop.

GK logo

This icon along with the toolbar icon Toolbar icon allows you to access the tools found in GeGeek.

7 Running

Once we started the program, we immediately went to the configuration settings and selected to update the programs.  You can begin the update by pressing the run icon Update found in the SyMenu .

8 Update

Once you press the update button, a Window appeared to update the programs.

9 Update

The Update screen allows you to select which programs to update or you can select all of the programs found in the software inventory.

10 Update

The update process is smooth and error free.  Progress bars next to each software title allows you to see the progress of the updates.

11 Updating12 Updating

So what are the programs found in GeGeek?  Everything you can imagine.   This Toolkit is a must have.  Go over and check them out at



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