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How long will you be on help desk?

Three former students recently contacted me to update me on their careers.  There’s always a question before they leave college.  How long will I work help desk?  We wrote an article several years ago – “It takes time in the trenches … Continue reading

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Free College? The Tennessee Promise

Beginning with the Class of 2015, the Tennessee Promise will provide Tennessee high school graduates the opportunity to attend a community or technical college free of tuition and fees. More information about the Tennessee Promise  (PDF download)

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Can Hackers Steal Secrets from Reflections?

I encourage my students to go over and visit Rick, Paul and Bill’s blog.  In 2009, Rick posted a link to a Scientific American article on How Hackers Steal Secrets from Reflections.   Great Article.  With our students going through some … Continue reading

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Tablet or Laptop for college?

Tablet or Laptop for college? As high school students take the summer off and begin to prepare for college, we are often asked what technology students should get for college.   Here’s our answer.  Both – maybe.  Why? Laptops provide … Continue reading

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An unnecessary path to tech: A Bachelor’s degree

An unnecessary path to tech: A Bachelor’s degree. An excellent article on education and technical careers from Computerworld.  TCAT Shelbyville”s CIT program has a 98% retention and 92%+ placement.   Is a degree worth the money?  Yes, after you start … Continue reading

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Computer Information Technology wins CTE: Excellence in Action Award

(L-R) Mike Miller, Assistant IT Manager, Dawn Babain, Network Administrator-LMS Specialist, Ivan Jones, TCAT Director and Steve Mallard, IT Manager   More information on the CIT Program “The National Association of State Directors of Career Technical Education Consortium (NASDCTEc) is … Continue reading

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Solving The Security Workforce Shortage – DarkReading

According to the study, the most sought-after quality is a broad knowledge of security — more of a strategic understanding than technical know-how – followed by certifications.  Read More Opinion – While certifications are an important part of IT, the … Continue reading

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