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Hard Drive Reliability – Backblaze

At Backblaze we now have 34,881 drives and store over 100 petabytes of data. We continually track how our disk drives are doing, which ones are reliable, and which ones need to be replaced. More info Advertisements

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Backblaze – The best offsite backup solution

Want a backup plan that will backup your data at a price that is reasonable?  How about $50 per year and unlimited?     Backblaze is one of the best cloud based backups available.  With unlimited backup capability, security built … Continue reading

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What’s one of the best cloud backups?

Backblaze Cloud Storage backup offers these key features – for only $5 per month per computer. Unlimited Data Backup Locate your Lost or Stolen Computer Unlimited Max file Throttle Adjustment for Better Bandwidth Works on Windows and Mac How long … Continue reading

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Backup for only $5 a month Unlimited

We have featured several offsite backups for users.  Backblaze offers an unlimited backup for only $5 a month per household.  Compatible with Windows or MAC, Backblaze offers a continuous backup so your files are safe and secure.

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