Photo viewers and Windows 10

Rick over at “What’s on my PC” recently reviewed FastStone Image Viewer  which I agree is one of the best image viewers on the web.  I’ve used FastStone for years and I also have Irfanview and XnView.    Note:  This is by no means is a way to try to compete with Rick, Rick is an excellent blogger who we have used in lectures and we highly recommend his blog.

Read more over at Rick’s blog –What’s on My PC


Irfanview is an excellent viewer that has dozens of features including EXIF plugins that integrate with Google Earth.  Here’s more features from their website.

  • Thumbnail/preview option
  • Resize
  • Paint option – to draw lines, circles, arrows, straighten image etc.
  • Toolbar skins option
  • Slideshow (save slideshow as EXE/SCR or burn it to CD)
  • Show EXIF/IPTC/Comment text in Slideshow/Fullscreen etc.
  • Support for Adobe Photoshop Filters
  • Fast directory view (moving through directory)
  • Batch conversion (with advanced image processing)
  • Multipage TIF editing
  • File search
  • Email option
  • Multimedia player
  • Print option
  • Support for embedded color profiles in JPG/TIF
  • Change color depth
  • Scan (batch scan) support
  • Cut/crop
  • Add overlay text/image (watermark)
  • IPTC editing
  • Effects (Sharpen, Blur, Adobe 8BF, Filter Factory, Filters Unlimited, etc.)
  • Screen Capturing
  • Extract icons from EXE/DLL/ICLs
  • Lossless JPG rotation
  • Shell Extension PlugIn
  • Unicode support
  • Many hotkeys
  • Many command line options
  • Many PlugIns


Image editing and more

ir image modify

ir options
Here’s how the EXIF Plugin can work with Google Earth

Location services can give away your location when you take pictures.  Pictures may contain EXIF info that includes GPS information.

Don’t want the GPS data on your pictures?  Have Windows?  Right-click on your picture and choose properties.  Next, open the details tab and click remove properties and personal information.   (You can also turn off GPS information on your device – you may want to keep the 911 GPS information on.)

Here is an example of a log file picture with EXIF information from inside of our college.  We of course set this up as an exercise and for training purposes.

1 Google Earth

We used IrfanView (along with loading its plugins) to find the GPS data.  Irfanview’s Image Information finds the EXIF data and connects to Google Earth and Google Maps.

2 Logs

Note EXIF info below.

3 Exif info

4 Google Earth

Google Maps clicked…

5 Maps

6 Earth Movie

7 Earth Movie

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Slow SQL Connection or Network in Windows 10 – Update

Finally found a small problem with Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.  After upgrading, we have discovered that Windows  was responding slow to our SQL Server 2008.  What we discovered is below.

Slow response times in Windows to a SQL Server can be due to the LLMNR protocol.  This may be resolved by turning off the LLMNR protocol.

LLMNR is a protocol that allows both IPv6/4 computers to perform name resolution for the NetBIOS names of other computers without requiring a DNS server.

IPv4 hosts can use NetBIOS over TCP/IP (NetBT) to resolve computer names to IPv4 addresses for neighboring computers by broadcasting a NetBIOS Query.

All IPv4-based LLMNR hosts listen on the IPv4 multicast address instruct their Ethernet network adapters to listen for Ethernet frames with a destination multicast address.

Windows -based LLMNR computers do not send or respond to unicast queries.

To disable LLMNR:

Modify Group Policy – Go to Search – Type GPEdit.msc – Enter – Navigate to the following and make sure Enabled is checked –

Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\Network\DNS Client
\Turn off Multicast Name Resolution = Enabled

How does Multicasting Work?  Here’s a good explanation

Update –


Windows Vista and Windows Server “Longhorn” support Link-Local Multicast Name Resolution (LLMNR), which allows IPv6 hosts on a single subnet without a DNS server to resolve each other’s names. This capability is useful for single-subnet home networks and ad hoc wireless networks. Rather than unicasting a DNS query to a DNS server, LLMNR nodes send their DNS queries to a multicast address on which all the LLMNR-capable nodes of the subnet are listening. The owner of the queried name sends a unicast response. IPv4 nodes can also use LLMNR to perform local subnet name resolution without having to rely on NetBIOS over TCP/IP broadcasts.

Dawn M. Babian, GSAE

Disabling LLMNR (Below)

Professional or Enterprise (Gpedit.msc)

Home Edition

Create a registry key as follows –

You also should go to your network adapter properties and disable all of the settings under the advanced properties such as TCP/Offload and other advanced settings.  Remember, not all adapters have advanced options – disable any settings that allow you to do so….

Disable your anti-virus and check the speed.  Is your anti-virus causing issues?

See our article –

Phrases you may hear in IT

GUI Maintenace Program for MSSQL or MYSQL

Want an excellent program to manage your MySQL server from Windows?  With MySQL, you can download MySQL Workbench.  MySQL Workbench offers great graphics on your MySQL incident and an interface that offers features such as queries and status of your server.

But what if you want to run maintenance programs such as Analyze, Backup, Check, Checksum, Optimize or to Repair your database quickly?  HeidiSQL offers dozens of features including an excellent maintenance option.  (Support for MySQL and MSSQL)



  • Support for MySQL
  • Support for MSSQL
  • Support for PostgresSQL

Features from HeidiSQL

More information on MYSQL Maintenace

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NTLM Settings in Windows 7, 8 or 10

You may have devices (NASs) on your network that you can no longer can connect to or you may not be able to network to an older OS.  Actually this changes settings to accept NTLMv1 and NTLMv2 so that you can connect to Samba Servers, Snap Servers, Older Windows Computers or whatever….

1. Go to Run, Type Regedit and open this key:


2. If it doesn’t exist, create a DWORD value named

3. Set the value to 1

4. Reboot

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Disable LLMNR from the command line

LLMNR can impact network performance in Windows 7.  This can especially take place with connections to SQL.

See our article on LLMNR for Group Policy or Network disabling or use the following:

Open a Command Prompt as an Administrator (CMD in the Search box)

Type the following:

REG ADD  “HKLM\Software\policies\Microsoft\Windows NT\DNSClient\

REG ADD ” HKLM\Software\policies\Microsoft\Windows NT\DNSClient” /v ” EnableMulticast” /t REG_DWORD /d “0” /f 

(The second command is one line!)

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AlphiMAX PTP Estimator provides an excellent way to align your wireless antennas

Need an excellent program to estimate your wireless bridges from building to building?  AlphiMAX provides an excellent online program to estimate your wireless links.

Sign up is easy and fast.  The PTP Estimator requires that you have the Latitude and Longitude of both buildings.  You can get an estimated Lat. and Long. from Google maps.  Find your location on Google maps (you should use a GPS) and right click on the location you want then select “What’s here?” .    This will provide the numbers you need.  Remember, it is best to use a GPS on each site where you intend to erect an antenna.

PTP Estimator

You can also search for a location by name by clicking the area in the center of the online application.  icon

Once you have the Lat. and Long., enter the numbers at the top of the online application.  Click Estimate.

Entering LatandLong

The interface will show you the terrain, Antenna height, compass information, Fresnel Zone Clearance, approximate altitude,  along with product information they provide.


The estimator also offers a 3D view of your project if you have an active subscription.

AlphiMAX Company Overview
AlphiMAX provides products to help you with your wireless needs.

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Windows 10 Quick Tips – Reliability Monitor

Want to know how reliable your computer is?  Want to know what is causing errors?  The Reliability Monitor can help you find out what is wrong with your laptop or desktop.

Go to the Control Panel – All Control Panel Items -Security and Maintenance -Reliability Monitor or enter the following in explorer –

(  Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Security and Maintenance\Reliability Monitor )

1 Rel 2 Rel

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Windows 10 Quick Tips – Windows 10 VPN – Computer to Computer

Want to connect a VPN from one Windows 10 computer to another computer such as Windows 7, 8.1 or 10?

On the hosting computer, share your folder out with who you want to have access.  Make sure you audit the folder and have auditing enabled.

Open the Network and Sharing Center,  Click on Change Adapter Settings,  Click the Alt key now click on New Incoming Connections.





Now click on Allow access.   This will create the hosting VPN connection.

On the computer that will be dialing into the VPN, click on the notification area next to the time on the taskbar.   Click on VPN.


Click Add VPN

1 A2 Dial in

Fill in the information (If you use the computer’s name to connect, this may be case sensitive).   Click Save.

3 Test

4 Sign in

5 signing in


You can now navigate to the computer using a UNC (Example: \\AMANDA-PC)

This will provide encryption between the two computers.

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Windows 10 Quick Tips – Long file names cannot be deleted

After upgrading to Windows 10, I immediately deleted the Windows.old folder using disk cleanup.   This in turn recovered around 20 gigabytes in space on my computer.

I noticed odd file names from previous updates (example:c:\2d51a0107296557123f92939e121) that I could not delete even if I took ownership or gave my user permission (including subdirectories) to delete the information.   Bleachbit failed and so did CCleaner.

Here’s how I got rid of the files –

First go to a command prompt as an administrator.   At the prompt, type –

C:\>cd /d c:\
C:\>dir /ad
C:\>md empty
C:\>robocopy /e /purge /b empty 2d51a0107296557123f92939e121

(Replace 2d51a0107296557123f92939e121 with the folder you want to delete)

You can now delete the folders including the empty folder.

If the folder still does not delete, type the following at a command prompt –

Takeown /F  2d51a0107296557123f92939e121
icacls 2d51a0107296557123f92939e121 /grant administrators:F
rd 2d51a0107296557123f92939e121

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Check Your Computer’s Security with these 14 links

With October being Cyber Security Awareness Month, these links help you see if you are secure.…

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Windows 10 Quick Tips – Regaining disk space “Whats On My PC”

Rick’s website has excellent Windows 10 information – go visit his blog and see how to regain your disk space.

What’s On My PC “Regain Disk Space after Upgrading to Windows 10”

Give me some space

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Windows 10 Quick Tips – MAC/Apple Fans, Don’t worry Boot Camp

Don’t worry Apple fans, Windows 10 can be loaded with Boot Camp


IMG_0048 IMG_0050

Thanks Tim S.! The function keys on this mid-2012 i7 MacBook 13″ don’t work with Windows 10 but the OS works great.

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International Space Station Virtual Tour

Want to tour the International Space Station?  Thanks Brandon W!

ISS Tour

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Windows 10 Quick Tips – Keylogging, Bandwidth information and more- Reality Check

In the Fall of 2014 we as consumers were convinced that Microsoft was spying on us by collecting information about the Technical and Developer previews.  Is this / was it True? You see, when you sign up to test Windows or other OSs, the manufacturers may collect this information in order to make a more stable platform and  they may look at devices that connect to the OS in order to make a fully functional OS.

What about the latest release and the stealing bandwidth rumors?   You mean WUDO? Windows Update Delivery Optimization?  (

No not really, you see it only helps to update your other computers on your local area network and with the massive internet traffic of up to 40TBps this can save time during the initial upgrading process.

Are you capped or limited? 

Windows Update Delivery Optimization: FAQ – Windows Help// //

If you use a Wi‑Fi connection that is metered or capped, make sure you identify it as a metered connection. Here’s how:

  1. Go to Start Start button icon, then Settings > Network & Internet > Wi‑Fi > Advanced options.
  2. Use the toggle under Set as metered connection to set your Wi‑Fi connection as metered.

Want to turn it off? Windows Update Delivery Optimization: FAQ – Windows Help// //

  1. Go to Start Start button icon, then Settings > Update & security > Windows Update , and then select Advanced options.
  2. On the Advanced options page, select Choose how updates are delivered, and then use the toggle to turn Delivery Optimization off. When turned off, you’ll still get updates and apps from Windows Update and from the Windows Store.

What about location services?  This is actually a choice.  A choice you have to make.  Want maps and other advertising to reach you and to help you when you use apps or when you shop?  Then this is for you.  Oddly many people will announce publicly where they are on Social Media, use apps that announce where they are but feel odd about location services on computers.  Turn it off if you feel a need for more privacy.

Information that goes back to Microsoft?  Much of this information is used to develop programs and a user interface that is more personalized.  Opt out of it if you feel uncomfortable.

Ultimately is privacy and security important?  Yes.  Make the decision of what you want to use that can be shared and turn off what you don’t want.

Want to Opt Out of much of the information that is collected ?

Go to Settings and Privacy – go through all of the screens

Go to Cortana’s settings and disable what you don’t want

Hey, Opt out of Ads here on Microsoft if you want-


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Windows 10 Quick Tips – Enforce local logon only

Do you want prevent your Microsoft Account from merging and linking to your local account?

Use this setting in the group policy editor to enforce a local logon.   This will allow you to access a Microsoft email without out it merging or linking with your local account.

Group Policy

Thanks Zach!

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Windows 10 Quick Tips – Test your disk speed

Want to test your disk speed?  Use ATTO Benchmark

First go to Computer, double click, right click on your C: drive.   Select Tools and Optimize your SSD or HDD.

1 Drive information

2 Optimizing


ATTO bench

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Windows 10 Quick Tips – Set your resolution

Want to set your resolution?  Click on Settings, Click on Display, scroll down and click Advanced Setting.  You can now set your resolution.

1 Overview 2 Set resolution

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Windows 10 Quick Tips – Analyze your disk space

Want a quick look at your files and how much space your are taking by categories?

Click on Settings, Click on Storage and click on the storage device to get a quick look including Onedrive if you are logged into it.

1 Overview 2 Overview

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Windows 10 Quick Tips – Download Offline Maps

Want to download maps to your computer?  Maps to help you with everyday tasks?

Go to Settings, Click on Offsite Maps, Select your continent, Select USA, select the states that apply to you.

1 maps 2 Download maps 3 USA 4 Tennessee

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Windows 10 Quick Tips – Downloading your ISO

Before upgrading, we recommend you download your Windows 10 version to match your version of Windows (Home or Pro).

Go to the following website and download the utility that will download your ISO.  Once downloaded, burn it to a disc (create a Windows Disc).

1 Create an ISO

2 Downloading Home

Once downloaded, burn these to a disc (DVD).

3 Downloaded ISOs ready to burn

Right Click on the ISO and select Burn disc image.

4 Burning image

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Windows 10 Quick Tips – Godmode

Yes, Godmode is in Windows 10.  Thanks Dawn!

Bring all your system settings and configuration options into one location using Windows 10 Godmode. Create a new folder and rename it: GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}


GodMode Settings

And….you can copy this to a flashdrive and carry it with you.

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