Free Certificates to enhance your portfolio

Here’s a few certificates that you can earn while studying IT.  Have another favorite site?  Send us a comment.

Free Certifications/Certificates/Training

Microsoft Virtual Academy

RackSpace CloudU and Big Data

VMWare Free Training

Backup Academy

Amazon Web Services Free





Future Learn

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SlimCleaner Free Review

SlimCleaner Free is an excellent program for the average or advanced home user.   It is rare that an all in one tool makes an impression on me, but SlimCleaner free does.

With dozens of features, SlmCleaner Free can clean and optimize your computer to keep it in top shape.


  • Windows
  • Applications
  • Browsers
  • Windows Updates
  • Registry
  • Optimize Startup
  • Services
  • Restore List
  • Software Uninstall/Update
  • Browser Toolbar /BHO/ActiveX Cleaner
  • Analyze files and directors on your HDD or SSD
  • Optimize your SSD or HDD
  • Find Duplicate files
  • Dozens more

For a full list of features, click here

Some of the press that SlimCleaner has received can be found here.

1 Cleaning 2 App cleaning 3 Browser Cleaning 4 Startup 4 SZ Advanced 4 SZZ Registry 5 Services 6 Software 7 Browser Toolbars 8 Optimize SSD 9 Files and Directories 10 Optimizer 11 Duplicate file finder 12 Windows Tools 13 Hijack

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Do you really know Windows 8/8.1? Did you know Hyper-V Manager is a part of it?

How to enable Hyper-V in Windows 8/8.1 professional –

  • Control Panel
  • Program and Features
  • Add/Remove Features
  • Check Hyper-V and Reboot

1 HyperV 2  HyperV




3 Taskbar


4 HV Manager


Below –

From Microsoft –

Client Hyper-V can be used in many ways, for example:

  • You can create your own testing environment with a single machine. ITPros and developers can you can create an entire infrastructure, hosted entirely on a laptop or desktop computer. Then, when everything is working correctly, you can export the virtual machines and run them on server running Hyper-V.
  • Developers can also use Client Hyper-V to test their software on multiple operating systems. For example, if you have an application that you must test on the Windows 8, Windows 7, and Linux operating systems, you can create three separate virtual machines right on your development computer.
  • You can use Client Hyper-V to troubleshoot. You can export a virtual machine from your production environment, open it on your desktop with Client Hyper-V, perform your required troubleshooting, and then export it back into the production environment. Using virtual networking, you can create a multi-machine environment for test/development/demonstration that is secure from affecting the production network.
  • Enthusiasts can use it to experiment with other operating systems. Hyper-V makes it very easy to bring up and tear down different operating systems.
  • You can use Hyper-V on a laptop for demonstrating older versions of Windows or non-Windows operating systems.

Creating a VHD

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Codingame – Challenge your programming skills

Codingame is an excellent website where beginners and experts can challenge their skills in coding in different languages.  Codingame lets programmers modify code in pre-configured games.     Thanks Joe for the link.

Home Page


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How-To Geek Wireshark Tutorials

How to Use Wireshark to Capture, Filter and Inspect Packets

How to Identify Network Abuse with Wireshark

5 Killer Tricks to Get the Most Out of Wireshark

Examples of Wireshark

1 preferences 2 name resolution 4 acl firewalls 6 Rules acls

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