Home and Small Business Routers unsecure again

Home and small business routers becoming another weak link in security …

“tens of thousands of hijacked routers”. They spent four months investigating and found “attack traffic from 40,269 IPs belonging to 1,600 ISPs worldwide.”
Computerworld – Insecure routers hacked yet again

The Incapsula Blog – Lax security opens the door for mass-scale abuse of SOHO Routers

Third party firmware?  Think again.   Some have vulnerabilities that are years old.  Techworld

Krebs on Security – Lizard Stresser runs on hacked home routers

Router Security – BUGS 

4.5 million routers hacked

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Your Smartphone May Be Tracking You And Everywhere You Go (with Timestamps)

Originally posted on What's On My PC:

Friend of mine pointed me to this NBC News Video that explains in approximately 3 minutes how our smartphones (whether it be an Apple iPhone or Google Android Phone) are configured, by default, to track everywhere you go and keep a history of your movements. If you are not familiar with the settings on your phone that turn “on” this services, I highly recommend you take a moment, watch the video, and learn how to turn “off” these service.

How scary is this?  I have an Android Smartphone and when I purchased the phone, I had turned the Google Location Services to “off”.  I knew full well this was a tracking component; but, what I didn’t know was how powerful it was, until now.

For experimental purposes (and for benefit of this article), I turned the services back “on” and drove my wife to work. When I returned home I…

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Antenna Patterns

EMS Quest Viewer and predefined patterns are available for download here.

This Viewer allows you to see the RF signals generated by different types of antennas.

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IT is about partnerships and working with the best in the industry

Ever work a 100 hour week? If you ever do and you’re in IT, Phillip Lee is one of the best people you could ever work with.  Supporting more than 900 people, 30 training rooms and supporting an audio visual event with live cameras, Phillip has been on our team for years.   He’ll always go that extra mile for personnel that he supports.

Phillip Lee

When you are in the information technology field, you have to make sound decisions fast, work with team members, support personnel, networks, servers, workstations, mobile devices, a plethora of software and be analytical.   Phillip can do all of this and more.

As you enter your career in IT, you’ll meet people like Phillip and you’ll be thankful for partnerships that last a lifetime.   While Phillip is not one of our alumni, he represents the best in the industry.

Phillip Lee is a network and systems administrator and works at the TCAT Nashville campus.

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Free Network Scanners

Need to find computers, printers and other devices on a network?  Here’s 8 free network scanners that can scan and find devices on your network.

Angry IP Scanner

1 Angry IP 2 Angry IP

MiTEC Network Scanner


SZ Development network scan

4 SZ Development

NirSoft Wireless Network Watcher

5 Nirsoft

Softperfect Wi-Fi Guard

6 wifi guard

IP Seizer

7 IP Seizer

Very Simple Network Scanner


SoftPerfect NetScan

9 SoftPerfect

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