HD Tach – A good measurement tool for HDD/SSD

Want a reliable tool to measure your HDD or SSD speed? HD Tach is an excellent tool originally designed to measure HDD speed for Windows XP or Windows 2000.  So how can you run this program under Windows 7 or Windows 8/8.1 or 8.1 Update?

Use the compatibility function built into Windows.   Download the program from here.  Install the program and find the installation folder.  Right click on HD Tach.   Select the Compatibility tab.   Select Windows XP (Service Pack 3) and Run this program as an Administrator.Comp

HD Tach

Quick bench


Long bench

Graph Two

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Qualys® BrowserCheck

Qualys® BrowserCheck is a free online utility to check your browser for security.


Initial Scan

Browser Check

After Java Update

2 Browser fixed

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The internet of things – Arduino

Over the upcoming weeks we are going to focus on the internet of things.   We’ll look at the Rasberry PI, Arduino, programmable thermostats, lighting and more. We’ll also look into programming, projects, practical use, security and more on these devices. This week we’ll focus on the Arduino and several DIY projects on the web.  Arduino is an open-source software (IDE) that allows users from all major OSs (Windows, Linux and Mac) to easily program. While there is an entire assortment of products from Arduino,  our projects that will be posted this weekend will be using an Ethernet shield (an add-on),  configuring a PIR (motion sensor),  and using servos and LEDs with a webserver. Look for the posts on Sunday night. 100_3348 100_3349  Arduino

Links –

Arduino vs. Rasberry PI

Connecting the Arduino to the Rasberry PI


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Everything Search Engine – a search utility that’s better than Microsoft’s search

Everything Search Engine is a search utility that beats Microsoft hands down.  It can be downloaded here.

An example of the search for a file named Raven.jpg on my desktop.  As I typed, it instantly finds the file.   Instantly…

How did the Microsoft search perform?  It wanted to go to the web or made suggestions (Windows 8.1).  If I try several times, Windows finally finds the file I’m looking for.

1st screen

2nd Screen


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Articles from around the Web

Windows 10 Tweaks – dozens of tweaks for Microsofts Windows 10 Preview
“Windows 10 – the best tips, tricks and tweaks” ~ PCWorld

“Windows 10: The 10 coolest features you should check out first” ~ PCWorld

“17 obscure Windows tools and tricks too powerful to overlook” ~ PCWorld

“Apple iOS now Targeted in Massive Cyber Espionage Campaign”~DarkReading

“How Malware bypasses our most advanced security measures” ~ DarkReading

“Users report that KB 2956128 is causing Outlook failures”~ Infoworld

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TweakHound – A site that verifies tweaks

Over the years I have offered many tweaks – most I hope are good but I too have fallen for tweaks that give very little if any tweak (performance) to Windows.

TweakHound offers news and other information on their website – but the best thing is the Tweak section. Go over and pay them a visit and check out the Tweaks section.

Tweak Hound

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Windows 10 – GodMode is back and you can put it on a flash drive

Windows Vista, 7 and 8 had GodMode and it’s back in Windows 10.   By creating a folder on your Windows desktop (or make a folder on a flashdrive – you can do this in any of the named operating systems) and naming the folder –

You can rename the GodMode portion to whatever you want to as long as you follow it with the symbol . and the rest of the string that follows.

You’ll get a list of all of the commands and shortcuts inside of Windows that IT folks have known about for a long time (since the days of Vista).

Once you create the folder and type in the information above and hit enter, you’ll have an icon that will be titled whatever you want.  When you open the folder, you’ve got whatever you need at your fingertips.

1 GodMode or 6 SuperMode

2 GodMode 3 GodMode 4 GodMode 5 GodMode

GodMode (whatever) – can be put on a flashdrive also!   It’s then portable so when you troubleshoot a computer…it goes with you…it works on Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 or 10…

On a VM (below) running from a flashdrive and the second picture shows it running on the host from the flashdrive.

7 Virtual Machine

8 Regular Computer

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