High Resource Utilization – It could be your memory compression

Have you noticed high resource utilization?  CPU, Memory or Disk at 100%? Of course this could be malware, a virus, a startup app or program. It could also be memory compression.

Windows 10 offers memory compression which takes little-used elements and stores them in RAM.   This saves memory and is faster than your pagefile.

If you experience latency or high memory utilization, you can turn off memory compression by using PowerShell.

Open PowerShell and type the following-


You should see Memory Compression is True.


If you are having issues with memory, Open PowerShell as an admin and type –
Disable-MMAgent -mc

This will disable memory compression


You can enable memory compression by typing-

Enable-MMAgent -mc

There truly is no reason why you should disable memory compression.  Users have reported what they believed was corrupt compressed memory.   After disabling and re-enabling, users reported their systems had stabilized.


If the performance has improved with memory compression disabled, you can leave  Windows 10 with the compressed memory disabled.

You can also see Memory Compression by using the Task Manager or  Resource Monitor.



You can also use set-mmagent and use the maximum number of prefetch files  from 1 through 8192.  


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