Remove table formatting from Word

If you have ever copied a web page or have a MS Word document with dozens or even hundreds of tables that need to be reformatted or removed, there is a simple solution.

Open MS Word

Hit Alt+F11

Double click on ThisDocument in the Project Window on the left

Click on Tools, Macros

Type in a Name for your Macros

Click on Create

Now Copy the code below between Sub Text () and End Sub

‘ TableToText Macro
Dim Check, Counter
Check = True: Counter = 0 ‘ variables.
Do ‘ Outer loop.
Do While Counter < 400 ‘ This is an Inner loop.
Selection.GoTo What:=wdGoToTable, Which:=wdGoToNext, Count:=1, Name:=””
With Selection.Find
.Text = “”
.Replacement.Text = “”
.Forward = True
.Wrap = wdFindContinue
.Format = False
.MatchCase = False
.MatchWholeWord = False
.MatchWildcards = False
.MatchSoundsLike = False
.MatchAllWordForms = False
End With
Selection.Rows.ConvertToText Separator:=wdSeparateByTabs, NestedTables:= _
Counter = Counter + 1 ‘ Increment Counter.
If Counter = 399 Then
Check = False
Exit Do ‘ Exit inner if necessary loop.
End If
Loop Until Check = False ‘ Exit loop immediately.

Click on the Arrow to Run the Macro.   This may show an error but should remove the formatting.

Autocomplete in Outlook not working

After exporting all of the folders in Microsft Outlook and reimporting into Microsoft Outlook on a new computer, my boss did not have his distribution list and autocomplete (when you type the first letter of an email address) working.  Although the contacts, inbox, sent, deleted, drafts, calendar..etc  were there; the aforesaid features were not working correctly after being imported.

To make these features work (You will have to go to My Computer -Tools, Folder Options, View and show hidden files and uncheck hide file extensions), go to -

C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook

-find the Outlook.nk2 file and copy it from the old computer to the new computer in the same outlook folder.


Free Email, Skydrive, Office on the Web, Shareview

Many benefits are available for students and to the general public.  Office Live along with a Skydrive can be used by the general public.  Microsoft’s commitment to education is unparalleled.

Shared View
Microsoft SharedView is a fast, easy way to share documents and screen views with small groups of friends or coworkers; anytime, anywhere. Use SharedView to put your heads together and collaborate – create, convey, and communicate…across physical boundaries, through firewalls, and down to the smallest details. Allows you to connect up to 15 people at once to your desktop

Free Dreamspark (Free software)
Windows Server 2008
Windows Server 2008 R2
Windows Server 2003
many more

Live .edu account with 10 Gb of space (Free Email)
Upload attachments of up to 20 MBSpam and virus filteringAccess on a mobile phone or desktop client via forwarding, POP3 and Outlook ConnectorFolders to organize email
Optimized Outlook experience
Directory of faculty/staff
Share calendars and contacts
Message tracking
Collaboration tools

Sky drive 25 Gb of storage space  (Free cloud Storage)
With Windows Live SkyDrive, you can store documents online and access them anywhere you can get on the Internet.
Have password-protected online storage for 5,000+ documents: 25 GB storage

Microsoft Office in the Cloud
Use Microsoft Office Word, Excel, and PowerPoint instantly with Office Live.
Collaborate with others, even if they don’t have Office
Create private, shared, and public folders

Microsoft Mobile

Microsoft Live Essentials
Microsoft for photos, movies, instant messaging, email, social networking, and more.  Live Mesh allows you to share your desk top and more.

Microsoft E-Learning
Many free programs such as the Microsoft 5 levels of security.

CloudShare gives users hands-on experience for free

Dawn Babian is truly one of the best researchers in IT.   On Sunday, she found CloudShare while we were considering training with cloud computing.   As cloud computing grows, CloudShare Pro offers an excellent self-service cloud platform that allows users and businesses to run full enterprise applications on demand.   With CloudShare, individuals, SMBs and enterprises can create virtual data centers where they can develop applications, use the operating systems for proofs of concept or even train with the live operating systems.

With benefits that include -

  • Up to Three Virtual Machines that are fully licensed.  Many of the NOSs come with preinstalled applications.
  • Operating systems and applications include-
    • Windows Server 2003 R2 R2 Enterprise
    • Windows Server 2003 R2 with Oracle 11g
    • Windows Server 2008 Enterprise
    • Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise
    • Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise 64 Bit
    • Windows Server 2008 with Active Directory
    • Microsoft Workstation OSs
    • CentOS 5 and CentOS 5 with KDE or with MySQL or even RubyOnRails
    • Xubuntu 8.xx Desktop
  • File Sharing that is as easy as “Drag and Drop”
  • Ability to send invitations to peers or customers
  • Ability to create a Multi-VM networked environment

How much does it cost?  Free

These basic services are fully-licensed, fast, easy to operate and setup along with many other benefits to anyone.

For a more robust computer with more functionality, CloudShare offers CloudeShare ProPlus for only $49 month and has other services for Enterprise businesses.


During the initial registration, a simple form is provided and an email link is sent to your email.  During the verification process, you will put in your  number to have a text sent to you.  Once you receive this SMS (text message) verification code, you can begin to create a new environment. 

With a wide selection of operating systems including workstations and network operating systems with applications, you simply select the type of virtual machine you want and provide a Machine Name and Description for your machine.

Once you fill out this information and select to add the machine, CloudeShare only requires you click Finish and Run.

Once your are inside of your home page, you can start the Virtual Machine and begin working with the Environment you created.

When starting your environment, there will be a small delay during the creation process.  Your browser will require a small plugin that installs flawlessly on Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer 9 prior to viewing your cloud operating system.

Once the operating system started I was truly expecting a delay and was surprised to see how smooth and responsive CloudShare performed.   CloudShare appeared to be almost as fast as an installed virtual computer.

CloudShare is an excellent way to learn cloud computing and a better way to collaborate and share information with students, staff, customers or your own business IT personnel.  CloudShare truly deserves a kudos on their technical expertise in the ease of setup.    Their website is concise and easy to understand with information on all of their services.  The performance of their virtual operating system was truly amazing considering the smaller size of allocated resources on the CloudPro product (1024 mb and 20 GB Hard drive -varies based on OS).   Using and setting up the virtual machine and the many features included with this service is simple.  Because of their well designed website and vast amount of information from guided tours, whitepapers and other info; CloudShare makes it easy for anyone new to cloud computing.

After we appeared in ComputerWorld magazine (“IT Embraces a New Leaner Lifestyle“) in September, we have educated our classes on how IT can be pushed to do more than ever and how the ROI on infrastructure investments will play a key part in the global economy today.   Cloud Computing can save money in the long run and allow your company to expand dynamically instantly.

Campus Technology Magazine’s 5 Higher Ed Tech Trends To Watch in 2011 says Cloud Computing is No. 1

Update – After installing another two computers Windows Server 2008 and Xbuntu, the true power and flexibility of CloudShare can be seen.

All computers running and very responsive.  Check out CloudShare

Look for our future article on Cloud Computing Security.

Connect Your Printer to the Google Cloud

We have been focused on cloud computing for the last couple of weeks at work.  Here are some links that a lot of credit goes to Rick over at WhatsOnMyPC.

Google Cloud – Connecting a printer
Google Cloud Connect
Office Online (If you don’t have MS Office or you need to collaborate your information)
Windows Skydrive
Office 365
Microsoft Cloud

Free eBook on Cloud Computing

Free Cloud Computing with CloudShare Learn Cloud Computing

Google Cloud Connect for Microsoft Office

Rick over at What’s on My PC has a great article on Google Cloud Connect for Office.

Working with Office Live Online and Microsoft’s Skydrive, you can use these products in ‘the cloud’ to create and save Office documents on line.   Soon you will be able to use online Office, installed Office and Google Cloud Connect and collaborate information.  The advantage of using these products in a mobile world is obvious.   Now with Google Cloud Connect the world of cloud computing is expanding…

Free eBook on Cloud Computing

Free Cloud Computing with CloudShare Learn Cloud Computing