Seagate GoFlex Home Server firmware update issues – solved

Several years ago we did a review on Seagate GoFlex Home Server (NAS).  Recently I went to update the firmware which can be found in the web interface of the device.


Once I clicked ‘update’,  the device found an update but would not download the update.  Searching with Google’s Chrome I found the updated firmware at .

The site was for some reason marked malicious by Google.  Here’s how to fix the issue.

  • First, login to your device and note every user of the device so that your original files will be maintained.  While the device will flash, it is important to recreate your original users or you can lose your files.
  • Open    with Edge or Internet Explorer.
  • Download the zipped file with IE or Edge from the site above
  • Format a USB key with FAT32
  • Extract the Zipped files to the USB key at the root level. No other files should exist on the USB key.
  • Gracefully remove the USB key from the PC and insert into the GoFlex Home’s USB connector.
  • Power off your GoFlex Home, ensure power cord and Ethernet are still connected.
  • Remove the hard disk from the GoFlex Home.
  • With your GoFlex Home powered off, press the Power button and hold the Reset pin. The green light will blink immediately, followed by the white light. Release the reset pin and wait for the device to complete booting and obtains a steady green light (approximately 3-4 minutes) – Be Patient!
  • Your device should now be reflashed, remove the USB key
  • Power the device off
  • Reinsert the HDD
  • Power the device on
  • Log into the device
  • Recreate one of the administrator users you had before flashing
  • Once you login, recreate the other users you had

See our other article – “Gaining Root Access” – Using telnet on your device with putty…


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