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Reload the Registry without Rebooting

FROM THE COMMAND PROMPT TO STOP explorer taskkill /F /IM explorer.exe TO START explorer explorer

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Network Access Protection

Windows 2008 Server has Network Access Protection which is also known as NAP or NPS. This tool serves an administrative purpose to help organizations compare the security level in a computer on the network to the Server 2008’s policies. This … Continue reading

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View Open Files on Server 2008

Before rebooting a server, you should see who has open files so you won’t corrupt data or knock a user offline. Server 2008 has moved where you can view these. To see the open files, right click on computer.   … Continue reading

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How to increase Active Directory Speed

Active Directory is one of the mostly widely used models to push policies and to secure your enterprise. Many IT personnel complain of degrading performance after a period of time.   Although Windows tries to keep Active Directory defragged, the … Continue reading

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Slow Network?

Do you have a computer that responds slow on the network or hesitates?  Follow these steps and you will see a significant difference. (Because we have not shown how to disable advanced settings in your network card, simply go to … Continue reading

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