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Geek Uninstaller

Want to uninstall programs or Windows Apps and make sure the ‘remains’ of the program/app is removed also? Geek Uninstaller is a portable program that can be download from http://www.geekuninstaller.com/ . Once you download Geek Uninstaller, unzip the file and double … Continue reading

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Wise Program Uninstaller Portable

Want a good uninstaller that will clean registry entries after uninstalling a program that is portable and fast?  Wise Program Uninstaller can be downloaded from here and the portable version can be copied to a flash drive.

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Free Network Scanners

Need to find computers, printers and other devices on a network?  Here’s 8 free network scanners that can scan and find devices on your network. Angry IP Scanner MiTEC Network Scanner SZ Development network scan NirSoft Wireless Network Watcher Softperfect Wi-Fi … Continue reading

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Clean Windows with Clean Master

If your computer is running slow and you need to do a little house keeping, use a program we found at What’s On My PC. Clean Windows thoroughly with Clean Master.   Clean Master, is usually a program used on … Continue reading

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PCWorld’s GlassWire review

Although this product is in beta, it’s first appearance appears to be very promising.  Read PCWorld’s review of Glasswire, an application that can keep an eye on your computer network to see what traffic your devices are receiving and sending.  Read more at … Continue reading

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Find your routers

How many devices do you pass through before surfing the web? Detect Multiple Routers over at PCWinTech is an excellent program to find your routers. In the scenario below, our home computers go through a wireless router and on to … Continue reading

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Bill Mullins’ review on PrivaZer – PC Cleaner and Privacy App

Bill Mullins has an excellent article on PrivaZer.   This excellent software can be used to clean your computer and protect your privacy. This software can be ran as a portable app or can be installed.

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Delete Empty Folders

So you have installed and uninstalled programs over the years.   Did you know you could have dozens or even hundreds of empty folders on your computer.   Delete these Folders with Empty Folder Nuker.   Empty Folder Nuker deletes … Continue reading

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AnVir Task Manager – Get control of your pc

I can’t help but visit Rick’s blog several times per week.  With over 600 former students and 80 current students I try to feed them freeware, opensource and software that is used in enterprise.  Rick features a bonus area that … Continue reading

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Disk SpeedUp

Glarysoft has an excellent disk defragmentation tool that allows you to schedule, defrag drives independently or together, defrag and optimize, adjust settings and move files that are not used often or that are large to the end of the hard … Continue reading

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Personalize Your USB Drive

You can easily personalize your USB drive by using USB Personalizer.

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