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A Geography game using Google Street View – Geogessr

Think you really know Geography?  Geoguessr is an online game that uses Google’s Street View.   With a small map in the corner of Google’s Street View, you pin where you think the Street View scene is.   You then … Continue reading

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Over 50% use unauthorized file sharing apps at work

Sixty-six percent of those polled use free file-sharing platforms and, among these, 55 percent do so without alerting their IT departments. Without knowing which tools are being deployed within their organizations, IT administrators risk corporate assets, sensitive information and intellectual … Continue reading

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I didn’t change them, they changed me

Often I have students come back and tell me how I helped change their life.   Maybe it is modesty but I don’t truly take credit for their changes.   It truly was the student who decided that they would … Continue reading

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Explore your Skydrive with SDExplorer

Microsoft has one of the best cloud storage solutions on the web.   Skydrive which is free allows for over 25gb of file storage.   Skydrive also has the ability to create Microsoft documents such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and … Continue reading

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How much does the internet weigh?

So how much does the data weigh?  Not the cabling, computers, or other physical devices (satellites, wireless access points, servers…).  We’re talking about the data.  You’ll be surprised!

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How to Build a Computer an Animated Guide – You won’t believe the Graphics

Rick over at What’s on My PC  has found a great link for everyone that show’s an animated guide to building a computer.  This GEM will be used in class. Excellent Find!  The graphics are just unreal.   If you select … Continue reading

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National Cyber Security Awareness Month

“When you begin college, you are probably on your own for the first time. You are taking on new responsibilities, making your own decisions, and becoming part of the campus community. There is an important role that you can play … Continue reading

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Your IT career – How to accelerate your career

Network Steve (not me) has great tips on how to accelerate your IT career.  Many students who leave for an IT career will find their place in IT and will not continue to study or learn new skills.  Here’s some … Continue reading

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Good Internet Citizens?

Good Internet Citizens: Are Your High School and College Students Aware? As we send our children off to high school and college, where they’re encouraged to use computers and the Internet in their studies. What’s wrong with that? Nothing really, … Continue reading

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Help Net Security – Free [IN] Secure Magazine

Help Net Security has one of the best magazines available for anyone wanting to learn about the latest trends, information, tutorials and other info on technology security.  Help Net Security has over 30 sponsors that help with their [IN]Secure Magazine … Continue reading

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Turn your computer into a teleprompter

If you need to make a small film clip, or if you are making an online streaming video, you can use TeleKast a freeware software that acts a a teleprompter.    Use TeleKast at church, school, when giving a speech … Continue reading

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Certified in Wireless Technologies

Most exams required in the Computer Information Technology program are vendor neutral.  Recently TTC Shelbyville added the CWTS Certified Wireless Technology Specialist to the IT program offered.   A recent salary survey showed that wireless specialist can earn $94,000 annually. … Continue reading

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Top 10 Growing Information Technology Fields

This information comes from Inside Tech. Here are the top 10: Fastest Rising Pay for Noncertified IT skills % change last 6 months % change last year Network security management 25.0% 37.0% Wireless network management (LANs, GSM) 22.2% 22.2% Business … Continue reading

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Dozen of free Microsoft Courses with Certificates

Windows Server, Sharepoint and other e-learning, virtual classes with printable certificates.   How much? FREE

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Test If You Can Multi-task

Can you multi-task?  Here’s a simple test to see.   Link (Note, your computer will go to full screen.) My results are below, I was eating chocolate cake with whip cream and strawberries while feeding the dogs and watching a … Continue reading

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Full Books online

Full Books Amazing list of books online.

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The Human Anatomy – Google’s Body Browser

The human anatomy can be viewed with Google Labs – Body Browser.   I stumbled on this at school today while doing research on Chrome.  Google Labs’ Body Browser requires a browser with WebGL support (basically 3D on the web). … Continue reading

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Microsoft’s SteadyState retiring in 2011

One of the best programs that is out there for schools, libraries, and even homes is Microsoft’s SteadyState.  SteadyState allowed a computer to remain the same when rebooted, preventing changes to the operating system.  You can download this software until … Continue reading

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Free & Affordable Online Courses & Tutorials

Here’s a link for free online courses and tutorials.   With many different careers covered, this site allows you to visit different websites that have tutorials and some online courses.

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Safely Text While Driving?

There’s a new app that reads your text out load, is hands free and has an auto responder.   At only $14.00 annually, this application may help break a bad habit of texting and driving.  Link

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