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Can’t delete your printer? Try some of these tips.

Printers either install and work flawlessly or they don’t install or give constant problems.  Try these tips. Start fresh by removing the printer and following the steps below – remember, these tips are NOT just for deleting the printer but … Continue reading

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Error 0X000003eb during driver installation

Use  printmanagement.msc to correct the problem.   Delete the drivers under printer server.   Try to connect again. If this does NOT work, right click on the driver again and go to Properties – Find the path to the driver.   Delete the driver … Continue reading

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Stalled Printer Repair

Ever have problems with a printer job you just can’t get rid of?  Sometimes rebooting the computer, starting and stopping the print spooler service and turning the printer on and off can be maddening.   FantasticFreeware has a nice program … Continue reading

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