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Optimize Your Network Settings

Want to further optimize your network settings?   Use this little known settings in Windows. (Directions are for Windows Vista and Windows 7 – settings apply to Windows XP also). Open the Network and Sharing Center Click on Change Adapter Settings … Continue reading

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Use MAC Filtering and hide your SSID on your wireless for security- but not against a wardriver

MAC address filtering is found in your router’s settings and can be effective against the standard user that knows your password to your wireless router.    A great example of this is your children’s friends.    They may learn the … Continue reading

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Tweak your wireless router

Steve Mallard, IT Manager Many people who set up their wireless routers never optimize the channel to keep from ‘bumping’ into their neighbors.  Regardless if you are a Apple, Linux or Windows user, you should select a channel as far … Continue reading

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Monitor your network adapter

AdapterWatch is a good program to monitor your network adapter.   This software program shows detailed statistics with dozens of features.   Visit NirSoft for more information.

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Free Visual Trace Route

A free visual trace route is available at YouGetSignal. Most people don’t realize that the internet uses OSPF (Open Shortest Path First) meaning that a trace from my ISP (Use the Proxy test)  travels all over the U.S. just to … Continue reading

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Open Computers and Software Inventory

Need a way to inventory your network?  OCS inventories your network and not only finds the OS, IP Address and applications but the hardware information. Weighing in at a hefty 101mb (zipped) download Open Computers and Software Inventory has been … Continue reading

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Improve Vista and Windows 7 networking

A lot of discussion is always heard when ‘we’ talking about our tweaks for networking. We have found with several networks and not just our own that disabling LLMNR (Link-Local Multicast Name Resolution)  improves network speed. Information on LLMNR – … Continue reading

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Capture Data on Your Network

Often as a systems administrator we will analyze packets of data that travel through our network.  Packetyzer allows you to follow the TCP flow, Edit packets, filter sources, watch ports and more. Packetyzer is a network protocol analyzer for Windows, … Continue reading

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World’s Smallest USB Wireless-N Adapter

Although laptops and netbooks have wireless built onboard, you may need an additional Wireless Adapter for a desktop or for the aforesaid two types of computers.   Mvix makes the world’s smallest wireless N adapter.  At only 18mm (.7 inches)after insertion, … Continue reading

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Building a Network in an Enterprise

This small tutorial will be an on going project. The internet to your location is provided by your ISP.  Generally a router is supplied but a ‘heavier’ router may be required by your organization (i.e. Cisco) Several static ip addresses … Continue reading

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Test Your Network Security with Umit

I recently wrote a small business article on network security and a good way to test workstations, servers and firewalls.  Using Nmap and Umit,  these tools allow you to ‘see’ what your weaknesses are and how you can overcome these … Continue reading

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Networking TCP/IP for Absolute Beginners

Recently I wrote several articles on TCP/IP.  It amazes me that most people try to make it difficult and break out with some form of mathmatical calculations and talk bytes and bits with personnel who are green to IT / … Continue reading

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