Change network adapter priorities in Windows 10 – PowerShell

irst thing –

  • disable network adapters you don’t use
  • If you use Ethernet, disable everything but flow control
  • Disable LLMNR
  • Adjust NTLM
  • Perform test with Totusoft’s network speed test

Next, avoid latency of your network card by adjusting the network adapter priorities.

Open PowerShell as an Administrator – Type Get-NetIPInterface


You will see the Interfacemetric numbers that vary from 11 to 90.

If you want a higher priority, set the interface to a lower number – I use wi-fi – therefore I can type the command –

Set-NetIPInterface -InterfaceIndex “11” -InterfaceMetric “11”


Our old article on using the GUI 

If you use more than one network card for mutliple LANS or connections, you can set the metric of each card to send IP packets through the fastest card first or the desired card.

For instance if you have a network card that connects to other servers and computers on one LAN and a network card that connects to a separate LAN that has security cameras; metrics can be used to compute the routing algorithm.

The one card would be set to a lower metric in order to go to the web and the security camera system would be set to a higher metric thus giving priority to the lower number.

Here’s an example of my home LAN which uses a printer and cameras on a separate network and my wireless which connects to the Internet.

So how do you change it?  Open the Network and Sharing Center – Click on Adapters – Right click the desired adapter – Select Properties – Double click TCP/IP – Click Advanced – Uncheck the Automatic Metric – Change to the desired number


Above the wireless is set to 1.  Below the LAN which has a static IP address and no Gateway is configured with a 20.

Valid values are 1 to 9999.

Don’t forget to set the binding order of the network cards.   Go to the Adapter.  Hit the ‘Alt’ key once for the menu.  Click on Advanced and then Advanced Settings.

Move the network card with a higher priority to the top.

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