A few Wireshark Filters

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Want to analyze your network?  Some of the top filters for Wireshark are below.  This by no means is a user guide for Wireshark which is the best freeware protocol analyzer available.

Want to see if your traffic is efficient?  Use the following filter to identify problems in your traffic.


This flag helps to look at problems you may have in a trace file.  By using this filter, you can see re-transmissions, acknowledgement problems and more.

flagsAre you experiencing latency in traffic to a server?  Are you being SYN attacked?  


This flag can help you detect syn based attacks against a server.  While thousands of packets may be found, it is the pattern of syn requests that can indicate if you are being attacked by someone.

Troubleshooting a connection?  Do you know the port number for the application?


Following a stream of data on a specific…

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