Windows 10 Version 1709 – Settings Pictorial

Most people don’t know the number of settings you have over Windows 10.  With Version 1709, you have complete control and a ton of settings that makes Windows 10 a premiere operating system.  The settings area alone when used with the control panel makes Windows 10 one of the most customizable operating systems available.


  • Control Display including multiple displays and adapter settings
  • Notification and Actions including the notification center
  • Power and sleep
  • Battery
  • Storage – including seeing what is being used
  • Tablet mode for touch screens
  • Multitasking – snapping and Virtual desktops
  • Projecting to this PC – includes phone support
  • Shared experiences – App sharing to other devices
  • Remote Desktop -(above home edition) – allows remote sessions

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  • Bluetooth info and connected/available devices
  • Printer and Scanner information including printer server
  • Mouse
  • Touchpad – sensitivity and control
  • Typing – control spacing, autocorrect, spelling and more
  • Pen and Windows Ink for touchscreens
  • Autoplay control
  • USB

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  • Add phone information to play and work across devices


Network and Internet

  • Status of connection including changes and troubleshooting – Firewall, network and sharing center and more
  • Wi-Fi – connection, hardware, availability, hotspot and more info
  • Ethernet – connection, hardware and more
  • Dial-up
  • VPN – control VPN connectivity to other Windows computers (settings, etc.)
  • Airplane mode
  • Mobile hotspot
  • Data Usage
  • Proxy setup

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  • Color schemes
  • Background
  • Lock screen information
  • Themes
  • Start
  • Taskbar controls

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  • Installation/Uninstall info
  • Default app handling
  • Offline maps for GPS and other programs
  • Apps for Websites
  • Video playback settings

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  • Local, Windows login or domain
  • Email settings
  • Sign-in Options (Biometric, password, picture, etc.)
  • Access work or school including provisioning of apps, etc.
  • Family settings
  • Sync with other devices

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Time and Language

  • Date/Time
  • Region Language
  • Speech information (controlling windows)

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  • Game bar and keyboard shortcuts
  • Gaming DVR
  • Broadcasting (audio, etc.)
  • Game mode support
  • TruePlay
  • Xbox Networking

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Ease of Access

  • Settings for Narrator
  • Magnifier
  • High contrast/Color
  • Closed captions handling
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Other such as animations, visual notifications, etc.

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Extensive set of privacy settings allowing total control of your privacy while using Windows

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Update and Security

  • Controls updates and restarts
  • Windows Defender Control center for protection
  • Backups
  • Troubleshooting
  • Recover if you have issues
  • Activation of Windows
  • Find my Device
  • Developer information including the Windows Insider program

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Any information such as IP address, email and other settings are experimental and use in internal labs.  No information found herein refers to actual account of other information.

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