Traveling the internet by Obfuscation

Did you know that DNS converts your friendly name that you type into your url into an IP address?  Did you know ultimately that you can travel the internet using the decimal equivalent?

In other words, you can ping the website that your are going to and use the IP address to navigate the internet to that website.  And it can be further broken down to the decimal equivalent to navigate to a website.

CSG Network has a convertor that converts the IP address to a decimal equivalent.


The Decimal number to a website ….

1 Decimal

Converts to IP address…

2 Converted to IP address

Website is presented to end user…

3 Website

More information on the step by step process 

From and old post

 Obfuscation – There’s more to the internet than you know

Obfuscation = bewilderment, confusion

So how is obfuscation used?   Obfuscation is primarily used today by spammers and hackers and even people who code legitimately.  You see, if you type a simple web address’s friendly name into an address line on a browser, that friendly name understood by humans runs out to your ISPs DNS server.   A DNS server is a server that can change your friendly name into an IP address.

In other words, if we went to the scenario above happens.  When you hit the enter key on your keyboard after entering it into your webbrowser, your request would go to your DNS server; change to an IP address based on records in the server and take you to

If you ping wordpress, you’ll see one of the IP addresses is  So basically your DNS server will use this number to navigate through the routers on the web and ultimately land on the wordpress servers and return their free blogging site’s homepage to you.

IT personnel use these numbers to program routers and any type of node on a network or on the world wide web.

People don’t realize that the internet is just a little more complex than this simple explanation.  The internet also can use hexadecimals, octal, dotless (or less dot) or other formats.  You have to remember that ultimately computers work off of binary and they can go to websites using these formats because it is how these marvelous electronic devices work.

So what if we wanted to go to WordPress?

Friendly name-

IP address-

How about a little hexadecimal in your diet?


DWord anyone?


How about that hex address?


Octal work for ya?


So how do you convert to these type of addresses?  Here’s a great link with a web convertor that will do it for you.  I also can’t forget this great tutorial on exactly how it works.

It’s a good thing to understand how this works.  Never click on links that are obfuscated or shortened unless you find out what the links are and where they go.  Don’t be fooled by obfuscation….or should I say don’t be bewildered?


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