Your Wireless Printer may be giving away your documents

When installing any device such as home routers and printers, you should always password protect these devices.  During our studies in Network Security in the past, we studied perimeter security and how it was at the firewall.  Today because of wireless, perimeters are extended well beyond most property lines.

What does that mean?  Someone can drive by and gain access or go across the internet if a public ip address is given to the printer.  With simple Google searches anyone can find these printers.  No, we aren’t going to give you the answer on how to Google these unsecure printers but you do need to secure your printer(s) if they are unsecure.  (During the setup, set a login other than the default for any device you put on your network).   There is code on the web to gain access to your network and computers through some of the printers.   Script Kiddies and hackers that can get access can connect to the printer and print hundreds of test pages or change settings just to be malicious.

Note: Mobile computing also extends your perimeters globally…security is one of the most important areas that all IT personnel and employees need to be trained in.


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