NetSpot Review – Wi-Fi survey app for Windows

In this three part series we review NetSpot a Wi-Fi survey app for Mac and Windows.

In this part, we look at the Microsoft Windows version of NetSpot.  NetSpot performs accurate Wi-Fi surveys that allows you to use a map of your business, industry or home with dozens of other features.

NetSpot’s Discover Mode collects details about surrounding Wi-Fi networks and returns the data in a detailed table that provides information about the SSID, MAC address, Channel, Security, Vendor, Signal Information (including Average, Max and Min.).  This app also gives you Noise levels for wireless professionals to calculate an exact signal strength.  The real-time charts gives accurate information about 2.4 and 5Ghz frequencies.  NetSpot allows you to download historical information in a CSV file for accurate record keeping.  (More information on Discover Mode will follow in this series.)

The application can be downloaded from here.   The download is a tiny 1.2mb download.  The installation and operation is easy.

Operating the software in Survey Mode is easy.  Simply open the application, upload your map (selecting your approximate measurement) and start your survey by standing near your AP after selecting it, wait a few seconds and then click your mouse.   An accurate signal and information about the AP will give you a heatmap of the immediate area overlaying the information on the map.

To insure an accurate signal is measured it is import to stand in the area for a few seconds then click your mouse.   During our survey, we took several screenshots to show the accuracy of the application as we performed a very basic survey.

Given more time, and more mouse clicks, the accuracy of the survey will of course go up.

During the review, we used two identical laptops with identical drivers and operating systems (Windows 10).  With two individuals using NetSpot, you’ll find the accuracy of the initial survey between the screenshots below is very similar.

The individuals walked side by side to compare readings throughout the survey.

Laptop 1 (Titled Laptop Four 1 of 4 laptops assigned to the  area)



Laptop Two




As you can see, this application is a critical application in today’s world because of wireless connectivity growth and complexity.  This application helps to show coverage area and is an important tool for IT professionals when verifying and troubleshooting your wireless connectivity.

Look for parts two and three in the upcoming weeks.  We will update this post and link each post as time permits.



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