With SSDs and Compact, Windows can speed up even more

In the past, compression of a hard drive was necessary because we didn’t have enough room for files.  HDD were expensive and compression was slow.  Here’s the result of compacting the Windows folder on an Acer dual core, 2.2 Ghz laptop with 6 GB of RAM and a SANDISK SSD (256 GB).

Cores unlocked (See Core Parking Article)
*This results in faster performance overall.  With this pc, the average CPU parked showed the CPU running at .97 Ghz and 2.2 Ghz unparked.

Boottime = 12.5 seconds before compression

Boottime = 5.6 seconds after compression

How do I compact the Windows folder?   Open a command prompt as an administrator, Then type cd\Windows
Next type compact /q.  This will return information about your folder.
To compact, type compact /compactOS:Always
Warning:  This will take time.  Be patient.  DO NOT interrupt the compact process.


This is the result on a test computer.  Regardless of the type of computer you try this on, backup your files.  Your results may vary.


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