Can’t print black on your HP OfficeJet all-in-one?

I have a good friend who could not print black on his HP OfficeJet all-in-one printer.  Oddly enough we tried different cartridges, aligning the heads, menu reset, looking for air in the hoses, cleaning the heads with software and manually.  Nothing worked.

Oddly enough we checked the manual and searched the ends of the internet only to find one person who said to press and hold #6 for 10 seconds, unplug the printer on the 10th second, release the buttons, wait 30 seconds and finally press and hold #6 while plugging it in for an additional 10 seconds.

The printer made every noise that you could imagine for around 20 minutes.  Once the printer came back online, we printed a test page and amazingly it printed the sharpest fonts anyone has ever seen.

Apparently there are three ways to reset some of these printers.  Our recommendation is to contact HP of course and check your documentation.

  • #3 Paritial Reset
  • #6 Semi-Full
  • #9  Full Reset

Once you know how to reset your printer, you can easily find this information on the internet if you include the #number in your search.

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