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Python-based Crawler Reveals That Dark Web Sites Are Most Commonly Used for Crime

“To find out the illicit information from the internet about the Dark Web, Moore and Rid’s used a Python-based web crawler to cycle through known hidden services. Using this web crawler, they were able to catch links to other dark websites. The contents of those sites were ripped…” Read more at Fossbytes

Microsoft OneNote tips: 5 better ways to manage and share data

“OneNote has long been overshadowed by its Microsoft counterparts Excel, Word, and PowerPoint, but it’s easily the most powerful productivity tool of the bunch….” Read more at PCWorld

Linux distros aren’t updating WebKit, making web browsers and email clients vulnerable

“The WebKit rendering engine used in many Linux applications is a complete security mess…” Read more at PCWorld

Hospital pays $17K ransom to get back access to encrypted files

“A Los Angeles hospital has paid US$17,000 to cyberattackers who crippled its network by encrypting its files, a payment that will likely rekindle a fierce debate over how to deal with a problem known as ransomware…” Read  More at Computerworld 

When to image a hard drive, and when to clone it

“Cloning copies the complete contents of one drive—the files, the partition tables and the master boot record—to another: a simple, direct duplicate. Imaging copies all of that to a single, very large file on another drive….” Read more at PCWorld

White House: FBI is not asking Apple for a ‘backdoor’ to the iPhone

“The White House said  it is not the aim of the government to compromise the security of Apple’s iPhone, as it only wants the company to help in the case of one phone that was used by a terrorist in the San Bernardino, California attack on Dec. 2.” Read more at CSOonline


About TCAT Shelbyville IT Department

The Tennessee College of Applied Technology - is one of 46 institutions in the Tennessee Board of Regents System, the seventh largest system of higher education in the nation. This system comprises six universities, fourteen community colleges, and twenty-six Applied Technology Colleges.
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