Joining a Windows Domain – Server 2012 and Windows 10 – Introduction

Joining a domain helps to control users and allows them to roam between workstations.  Domains provide a central point to control and organize your enterprise.

4 Domain NameOn the domain, Click on Active Directory Users and Computers.  Right Click Users, select New and select User.

1 Users

While this post covers the basics of joining a domain, this post will not cover the detail you can specify for each user (to see more, double click on the user after the creation process).  Enter the information about the user.

2 User

Enter a complex password.  (GPOs can be set for each User, Computer, OU and more including password policies)

3 Password

On the Workstation,  Right Click Computer, select Change Settings.

WS Joining a Domain 1a

Under Member Of, select the radio bullet Domain and type in the Domain information.   If your computer cannot find the domain, go to your DNS settings and enter the IP address of the domain.

WS Joining domain 1

Click OK.

WS Joining Domain 2

Enter the Administrator Username and Password of the domain and click OK.

WS Joining Domain 3

Restart your computer.

WS joining Domain 4

Once the computer is restarted, enter the Username and Password for the user of the domain.   The domain’s policies are passed along to the workstation.   In general, if you had no policies setup, the default settings of a domain prevents the user from making hardware changes, setting the time and more.

The computer will now show up under AD Users and Computers.


Attached are guides on creating a roaming profile with Windows 7 and Server 2008 r2. These will work with Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10.

Guides are in PDF
Step One Create a User on the Domain

Step Two Creating a Folder on the Domain

Step Three Creating the Profile

Step Four Join the Domain

A roaming profile allows the domain user to login and keep their preferences regardless of where they login.


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