Photo viewers and Windows 10

Rick over at “What’s on my PC” recently reviewed FastStone Image Viewer  which I agree is one of the best image viewers on the web.  I’ve used FastStone for years and I also have Irfanview and XnView.    Note:  This is by no means is a way to try to compete with Rick, Rick is an excellent blogger who we have used in lectures and we highly recommend his blog.

Read more over at Rick’s blog –What’s on My PC


Irfanview is an excellent viewer that has dozens of features including EXIF plugins that integrate with Google Earth.  Here’s more features from their website.

  • Thumbnail/preview option
  • Resize
  • Paint option – to draw lines, circles, arrows, straighten image etc.
  • Toolbar skins option
  • Slideshow (save slideshow as EXE/SCR or burn it to CD)
  • Show EXIF/IPTC/Comment text in Slideshow/Fullscreen etc.
  • Support for Adobe Photoshop Filters
  • Fast directory view (moving through directory)
  • Batch conversion (with advanced image processing)
  • Multipage TIF editing
  • File search
  • Email option
  • Multimedia player
  • Print option
  • Support for embedded color profiles in JPG/TIF
  • Change color depth
  • Scan (batch scan) support
  • Cut/crop
  • Add overlay text/image (watermark)
  • IPTC editing
  • Effects (Sharpen, Blur, Adobe 8BF, Filter Factory, Filters Unlimited, etc.)
  • Screen Capturing
  • Extract icons from EXE/DLL/ICLs
  • Lossless JPG rotation
  • Shell Extension PlugIn
  • Unicode support
  • Many hotkeys
  • Many command line options
  • Many PlugIns


Image editing and more

ir image modify

ir options
Here’s how the EXIF Plugin can work with Google Earth

Location services can give away your location when you take pictures.  Pictures may contain EXIF info that includes GPS information.

Don’t want the GPS data on your pictures?  Have Windows?  Right-click on your picture and choose properties.  Next, open the details tab and click remove properties and personal information.   (You can also turn off GPS information on your device – you may want to keep the 911 GPS information on.)

Here is an example of a log file picture with EXIF information from inside of our college.  We of course set this up as an exercise and for training purposes.

1 Google Earth

We used IrfanView (along with loading its plugins) to find the GPS data.  Irfanview’s Image Information finds the EXIF data and connects to Google Earth and Google Maps.

2 Logs

Note EXIF info below.

3 Exif info

4 Google Earth

Google Maps clicked…

5 Maps

6 Earth Movie

7 Earth Movie


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  1. Ramblinrick says:

    Reblogged this on What's On My PC and commented:
    To add to the previous post about an “alternative” photo viewer for Windows 10, TCAT Shelbyville – Technical Blog has come up with another one (called IrfanView) that is totally FREE, is a seasoned piece of software, and can be installed as a portable app. If you are a computer tech, IrfanView is a “must have” piece of software that actually can be used for forensic purposes (such as extracting the EXIF data from a picture and using the IrfanView’s GPS feature with Google Earth and Google Maps to locate the origin of the picture). You can learn more about this by reading the article at TCAT Shelbyville’s – Technical Blog…

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