Windows 10 Quick Tips – Keylogging, Bandwidth information and more- Reality Check

In the Fall of 2014 we as consumers were convinced that Microsoft was spying on us by collecting information about the Technical and Developer previews.  Is this / was it True? You see, when you sign up to test Windows or other OSs, the manufacturers may collect this information in order to make a more stable platform and  they may look at devices that connect to the OS in order to make a fully functional OS.

What about the latest release and the stealing bandwidth rumors?   You mean WUDO? Windows Update Delivery Optimization?  (

No not really, you see it only helps to update your other computers on your local area network and with the massive internet traffic of up to 40TBps this can save time during the initial upgrading process.

Are you capped or limited? 

Windows Update Delivery Optimization: FAQ – Windows Help// //

If you use a Wi‑Fi connection that is metered or capped, make sure you identify it as a metered connection. Here’s how:

  1. Go to Start Start button icon, then Settings > Network & Internet > Wi‑Fi > Advanced options.
  2. Use the toggle under Set as metered connection to set your Wi‑Fi connection as metered.

Want to turn it off? Windows Update Delivery Optimization: FAQ – Windows Help// //

  1. Go to Start Start button icon, then Settings > Update & security > Windows Update , and then select Advanced options.
  2. On the Advanced options page, select Choose how updates are delivered, and then use the toggle to turn Delivery Optimization off. When turned off, you’ll still get updates and apps from Windows Update and from the Windows Store.

What about location services?  This is actually a choice.  A choice you have to make.  Want maps and other advertising to reach you and to help you when you use apps or when you shop?  Then this is for you.  Oddly many people will announce publicly where they are on Social Media, use apps that announce where they are but feel odd about location services on computers.  Turn it off if you feel a need for more privacy.

Information that goes back to Microsoft?  Much of this information is used to develop programs and a user interface that is more personalized.  Opt out of it if you feel uncomfortable.

Ultimately is privacy and security important?  Yes.  Make the decision of what you want to use that can be shared and turn off what you don’t want.

Want to Opt Out of much of the information that is collected ?

Go to Settings and Privacy – go through all of the screens

Go to Cortana’s settings and disable what you don’t want

Hey, Opt out of Ads here on Microsoft if you want-



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