The internet of things – Arduino

Over the upcoming weeks we are going to focus on the internet of things.   We’ll look at the Rasberry PI, Arduino, programmable thermostats, lighting and more. We’ll also look into programming, projects, practical use, security and more on these devices. This week we’ll focus on the Arduino and several DIY projects on the web.  Arduino is an open-source software (IDE) that allows users from all major OSs (Windows, Linux and Mac) to easily program. While there is an entire assortment of products from Arduino,  our projects that will be posted this weekend will be using an Ethernet shield (an add-on),  configuring a PIR (motion sensor),  and using servos and LEDs with a webserver. Look for the posts on Sunday night. 100_3348 100_3349  Arduino

Links –

Arduino vs. Rasberry PI

Connecting the Arduino to the Rasberry PI



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