What’s Running 3.0?

Rick always finds some of the best freeware on the internet.  He actually made this find several years ago and it’s one of the best programs to find out what is running.   (Rick has a fantastic blog over at What’s on my pc? – go pay him a visit)

What’s Running 3.0 gives detailed information on everything that is running on your computer.  It takes a look at processes, services, modules (dlls), drivers, IP connections and what is in your startup.

During the installation, you can elect to run the program as a portable application.


1 unzipped

The details of all programs running under the processes tab is almost more than you can comprehend.

2 Scanning

Details about an individual process can be seen by simply clicking on the process.   What’s Running will then give details on the process.

Details about a running process

The services screen gives a quick glance at what services are running.

3 Services

Details on services

Connections on your network and to the internet can be seen under IP Connections.

4 TCP UDP Connections

So what is in your startup?  A startup tab shows what programs are being started when your computer logs in.

5 Startup

Dlls are used independently with programs or common dlls are loaded for multiple programs.   What’s Running shows which dlls are loaded on your computer.

6 Modules

You’ve probably loaded the most common drivers on your computer.   Video adapter, chipset and other adapters are loaded by end users.  But what drivers are loaded with Windows?   What’s Running shows you all of the drivers that are loading on your computer.

7 Drivers

If you make changes to programs or to Windows, you may not remember what services or programs you removed or disabled.   What’s Running provides you with the ability to take snapshots and compare snapshots after making adjustments to your configuration.

8 Snapshot

What’s Running is an excellent program that can help you diagnose or tweak your computer.


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