Add PowerPoint inside of a PowerPoint

Want a dynamic PowerPoint that loops a slideshow in your slideshow?  In this setup, you will have two PowerPoints, a movie from your second PowerPoint and a .swf enabled clock.

Here’s an example of our Work Ethics PowerPoint –

The PowerPoint that is running is a macros enabled PowerPoint with a PowerPoint movie in the one and only slide of PowerPoint One.


After a few seconds, you’ll see the movie advance to the next slide.

Advancing movie

Here’s how to make this PowerPoint-

  • Make a folder on your desktop called Project.
  • Open PowerPoint and select your template.  (We will call this PowerPoint One)
  • Insert a logo into the first slide of PowerPoint One.
  • Navigate to
  • Download the clock of your choice and follow the steps from the above website.  This excellent website also provides directions for other versions of office.
    • This will insert a SWF (Flash clock on the slide of PowerPoint One) – There are many clocks to choose from on the site.  When you open the developer properties, select to embed the clock and to loop.
  • Save this PowerPoint (PowerPoint One) as macro enabledMacroEnabled
  • Open PowerPoint again and select your template.  (We will call this PowerPoint Two).
    • Create your PowerPoint.
    • Click Advance Slide. (Set your Timings)Transition
    • Setup your PowerPoint to Loop


    • Save As a pptx file – You may want to change this PowerPoint later.  Saving it as a PowerPoint allows you to edit it.  You will have to resave a movie if you update the PowerPoint.
    • Next save it as a WMV file.Movie
    • This will take some time – 5-10 minutes.
  • Open PowerPoint One.  Insert the movie you saved.   Set the Movie to automatically start and to Loop.Loop and Auto
  • Save your PowerPoint as Macro Enabled.MacroEnabled

Now when you play PowerPoint One, the clock will start and so will the movie.


About TCAT Shelbyville IT Department

The Tennessee College of Applied Technology - is one of 46 institutions in the Tennessee Board of Regents System, the seventh largest system of higher education in the nation. This system comprises six universities, fourteen community colleges, and twenty-six Applied Technology Colleges.
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