Windows CE and GPS devices

Updating my GPS, I discovered that you can add MIOPocket to the GPS via a microSD.

Here’s MIOPocket (Link)

What does it look like?

20140622_073108 20140622_073126 20140622_073306 20140622_073335 20140622_073338


What applications are installed?

TCPMP Media Player (MP4, H.264, AVI, WMV, DivX, Xvid, MOV, FLC, MP3, WMA, OGG+ video/music player)
Nitrogen (MP3/WMA/M4A/OGG music player)
Microsoft Windows Media Player (MP3/WMA music player)
AlReader (book reader)
uBook (book reader, comes with Webster micro dictionary)
MobiPocket (book reader, comes with Trivopaedia)
Microsoft Reader (comes with Encarta Pocket Dictionary)
MMCE (image viewer)
XnView Pocket (image viewer)
Pocket Picture (paint)
Pocket Paint (paint)
KeepRecordin (dictation recorder)
JB Piano (piano)
Pocket Clanger Theremin (synthesizer)
MDict (dictionary reader)
Microsoft Transcriber (handwriting recognition)
Microsoft Image Viewer (image viewer)
Microsoft Word Viewer (.doc viewer)
Microsoft Excel Viewer (.xls viewer)
Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer (.ppt viewer)
Microsoft WordPad (similar to Windows’ WordPad)
Foxit Reader (PDF viewer)
Pocket Notepad (similar to Windows’ Notepad)
SpreadCE (spreadsheet writer)
TecAce cePIMS (Contacts, Calendar, Tasks)
CE Agenda (appointments manager)
Appointments (appointments manager)
ListPro (list manager)
PIM Booster (personal information manager)
HandWallet (finance software)
MoneyGoesAway (personal finances manager)
Touch Notes (handwritten note-taker)
Calc98SE (scientific calculator)
1-Calc (3-in-1 calculator, unit converter and tip calculator)
Opera Mini (web browser)
Internet Explorer (web browser)
Skyfire (web browser)
Remote Desktop Connection (remote desktop controller)
nPOP (e-mail)
PocketGPS-Map (mapping)
BeeLineGPS (mapping/plotting/geocaching)
Metro (public transport routing)
GSFinder (file manager/browser)
FileManCE (file manager/browser)
Total/CE Commander (file manager/browser)
TreeSize Mobile (file size viewer)
PHM Registry Editor (registry editor w/ search)
TRE Registry Editor (registry editor w/ exporting)
iTask Manager (simple task manager)
Task Manager (advanced task manager)
WR-Tools ResInfo (system information utility)
BananaPC (task switcher)
vSnap (screen capture utility)
JOTKBD (full-size keyboard)
DeClock (alarm clock)
Pocket RAR (zipping utility)
Microsoft .NET Compact Framework 3.5 (application API)
Java (application API)
Flash Player (Flash video/animation player)
GAPI (graphics API)
PocketNav (task switcher)
SirfTech (GPS utility)
Tascal Search (search utility)
World Clock (world time clock)
Various small utilities
Patiences (three versions of solitaire)
GameBox (8 games in one)
Chess Genius (demo, but functional)
Nankin (Mahjong variant)
Skinz Sudoku
Chain Reaction
Tangled Bugs
Zuma (shareware)
Bejeweled 2 (shareware)
Pentagon (new form of solitaire)
Shift Left (new form of solitaire)
GoMoku (also known as Naughts and Crosses)
Memory (also known as Concentration)
Ms. ParkMan (Ms. Pac-Man clone, shareware)
LodeRunner (shareware)
Peg Solitaire
Rubik Cube
Rubik Disc
Pocket Uno
Traffic Jam
Connect 4
Duck Hunt
Flash Chess
Missile Strike (Missile Command clone)
Royal Poker
Spider Solitaire

 Note:  Adding any software not made for your GPS is not recommended by manufacturers.  Please remember that doing this can permanently damage your GPS or have negative effects.


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