Dell DDA – Upgrading from Windows 8 to 8.1

Having a problem uninstalling the Dell Data Access Software and upgrading to 8.1?  Here’s some tips –


  • Dell’s recommendation for upgrading from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1  Link
  • If the software does not uninstall properly, run Microsoft’s fix-it to uninstall the program (Link)  you may also run a registry cleaner that can clear the software from your registry.


Our Solution – This may not fit your needs.  Always backup your data.

  • Uninstall the Dell Data Access software  (We had 15 pcs that had remains left after the uninstall
  • Reboot
  • Make sure the software is not listed in the Programs and Features list
  • Navigate to C:\program files and C:\program files (x86)
  • Remove the files under the subfolder ‘Dell’  that are related to the Dell Data Access software
  • If you cannot, open the task manager and click on the details tab.
  • Find the process TDMService.exe, right click and end the process tree
  • Immediately delete the .exes in the above subfolder – you may have to end the process (the process may restart)
  • Delete the files manually (Only the protection files and folders)
  • Run the microsoft fix-it above and/or a registry cleaner
  • Reboot
  • Install Windows 8.1

It seems this is a problem that has many fixes – The above is our fix that worked for us…


Other tips that may help once Windows 8.1 upgrading starts –

Remove 3rd party software

Disable the anti-virus software

Run cleaners and defrag


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