Consumerization has lead to a false sense of security…

The number of calls I get to direct people on how to get their identity back or give advice to members of law enforcement has grown to several times per week-
Consumerization has lead to a false sense of security.  I don’t feel secure on most days…You know, you may live in a small town but the internet exposes you to the entire world.  

Identity theft is at an all time high and our use of devices from smartphones, netbooks, laptops, computers and other devices has become a part of our lives.  With over 666,000 breaches last year, we believe it won’t happen us.  We aren’t creating complex passwords, using VPNs in hotspots (coffee shops, hotels, etc.).  We believe that Linux, Apple or Microsoft is secure and we have no idea that even our home routers are being attacked (over 300,000 recently).

The internet has a search engine for unsecured devices that we use everyday and reports are pouring in on the exploits and vulnerabilities on everything we put in our hands.

  • Don’t click on emails from people or business you don’t know
  • Don’t let social networking and internet surfing be part of your business.  You are protecting the identity of your clients
  • Businesses should use a hardware firewall – Firewalls on your computer is NOT enough protection
  • Change passwords, clean your computer (Yes, Apple and Linux too), perform maintenance such as updates and encrypt the hard drive or folders with critical data
  • Don’t use passwords that are the same on different accounts
  • Use two factor authentication with your bank, cc or any account that offers this services
  • Don’t use public computers that aren’t updated
  • Encrypt your flash drive
  • Never assume you are secure (ALL operating systems are vulnerable)
  • Get updates on ALL of your devices
  • Don’t fall for internet scams
  • Never meet with people to purchase internet merchandise without someone being with you.  Choose a secure place to meet.
  • Make Facebook private (stop publishing public post)
  • Don’t take pictures of driver’s license, car tags or valuables and post to social networks
  • Turn off the GPS on your phone and don’t check in at places – You are telling thieves you are not home.  Children should never tell where they are going on Facebook or other social networking sites.
  • Using apps often gives permission for the social network to use your personal information including contact (your friends) information
  • Monitor your credit report (Credit Karma is free)
  • Use Prey Project on your phones, tablets, laptops and computers
  • Update your router, TV and other devices with the latest firmware



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