Install Memcache to speed up PHP on IIS

Another way to speed up PHP on Microsoft Windows IIS is by using memcache.

  • Download the DLL for Windows.

  • Copy the DLL to your PHP Ext folder
  • Edit your PHP.ini file and add –

Save your PHP.ini file after modifying

  • Download  Memcached files -

  • Create a memcache folder on your C: drive and copy the memcahed files into this folder (extracted)
  • Go to a command prompt.  Type CD\memcache

Type the following-

                        memcached.exe -d install        (Enter)

                    Next type
memcached.exe -d start            (Enter)    OR
net start “memcached Server”

How do you see the cache in a chart format?

Use the memcache.php file (copy to your web server directory) – Note you may have to remark out the second server or use instead of localhost.

The only anomaly?   Apparently our server has been up 136 years.



Note:  If you are running Moodle LMS, open your config.php file and enter the following bold lines –
After the following line
require_once(dirname(__FILE__) . ‘/lib/setup.php’);

Adding these new lines:

$CFG->rcache = true;
$CFG->memcachedhosts= ‘’;



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One Response to Install Memcache to speed up PHP on IIS

  1. Zilvermuis says:

    Thank you very much for this detailed explanation. What I did: Openend the “Web Platform Installer 5.0″ on Windows Server 2008. To be precise I use php 5.6 with iis 7.0. So I opened the Web Platform Installer and under products chosen for the “Windows Cache Extension 1.3 for PHP 5.6″. Pressed install and it works.

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