Tomato – another wireless router firmware alternative

We have a ton of articles on DD-WRT and have used the firmware for a ton of different routers.   Recently we looked into Tomato another free firmware upgrade for the older Linksys WRT54G routers.

Tomato like DD-WRT offers a ton of features more than the factory firmware that came on the older Linksys (802.11g) routers.

My curiosity got the most of me when my father-in-law George brought me an older Linksys to tinker with.

I had initially had upgraded the WRT54G (Version 3.0) with DD-WRT and decided to give Tomato a try.  Navigating to Administration in the DD-WRT GUI, I followed the instructions of Tomato and upgraded the firmware.  I immediately noticed that the power light began to flash and fearing the worst, I thought I had ‘bricked’ the router.  The router would only respond to pings and I could not navigate to the Administration page or telnet into the router.

In order to try to get the router to function properly, I decided to use TFTP and upload the firmware again.  In order to do this, I entered the router’s IP and pointed to the firmware file. I manually set my ip address on my LAN NIC card to one number above the routers (last octet) and plugged a CAT5 cable into the router from my laptop.


I then unplugged the router and plugged in the router immediately clicked the upgraded button on TFTP.   This forced the firmware on the router as it rebooted.  I waited a good two minutes and unplugged the router to reboot it.

Tomato was successfully installed.

  • Status (Overview, Device List, Logs)
  • Bandwidth (Real-Time, Last 24 Hours, Daily, Weekly and Monthly)
  • Tools (Ping, Tracert, Wireless Security and WOL)
  • Basic Configuration (Network, Identification, Time, DDNS, Static DHCP and Wireless Filter)
  • Advanced Configuration (TCP, UDP Timeouts, NAT Helpers, DHCP, DNS, Firewall, Routing and Wireless)
  • Port Forwarding
  • Advanced QoS with live charts
  • Administration (Scripts, Schedules and more)



Device List \ Logs Network Noise Floor Overview




Tomato is a very stable firmware for several older routers and offers an alternative to factory firmware which often is unstable.

Full list of features-Tomato Firmware


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One Response to Tomato – another wireless router firmware alternative

  1. thejoff says:

    using tomatoRAF with new equipment. check it out, even more features on a much faster platform

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