Remove EXIF information from your pictures

Most people still don’t know that their tablet, camera or smartphone might be tagging their latitude and longitude.   Why is this dangerous?  It can show the location of where you or your family is at.  It can give away corporate data or information that can harm your corporation.

Here’s an example of IrfanView (with plugins) pulling the information from our school where a hacking log is being photographed.

Log information

The latitude and longitude can be opened in Google Earth.  This shows where the photo was taken.  In this case, within 3′ of where the picture was taken.

Google Earth

How can you remove your EXIF data?  In Windows, right click and select properties.  On the details tab, click on Remove Properties and Personal Information.

remove it

To remove EXIF information from Mac OSX use ImageOptim.


Settings>General>Reset>Reset Location & Privacy.
Then launch the Camera App, select “Don’t Allow” when prompted.

You can also turn this off: Settings>Privacy>Location Services>Camera>Off.

Android, iPhone or Blackberry (more info)

Always turn off information that could tell someone where you are.  This could result in your home being burglarized or other crimes against you or your family.


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