Map your Skydrive as a letter on your computer

Windows 7
(Windows 8 differences appear at the end of this article)

Windows SkyDrive by most reviewers could be seen as old news but…the new interface is smooth and the number of options you now have makes SkyDrive your best bet for online storage.

This method seems more reliable than the traditional mapping to your ID as described in other articles.

So what if you wanted to map the drive to backup your documents?

Here’s the easiest steps to map your drive.

Download the SkyDrive app from  You’ll see the app loaded as clouds on your taskbar.

Navigate to users on your C: drive.  Double click computer, Double click C: drive, double click on users and then your current user.  You’ll now see the SkyDrive folder.

Now Right Click on the SkyDrive Folder and select Properties

Click on the Sharing Tab

Click on the Advanced Sharing button to control security.  Now Click Share this folder and then click Permissions.

Highlight Everyone and click Remove.   Now Click on Add.

Navigate to your user by clicking on Advanced and Find Now.

Click OK after highlighting your user.

Click OK.

Check the box Full Control and click OK.

Click OK.

Note the UNC Path (highlighted above) – You will need this in order to map to the drive.   Click on Close.  Hit the Alt key (activates the menu) and Select Tools and Map network drive.

Select S: for the drive letter (You can select another letter if available).   Type in the Path you made note of earlier and click Finish.

You now have an S: drive that you can drag and drop or use in documents (File Save As and choose the drive letter when in other software).
What really occurs here is that your file is copied to the folder (your mapped drive) and is then synchronized to your SkyDrive in the Cloud.

Example: File being drug into the S: drive.

When you drag files into this folder, you’ll notice there is an activity line under the SkyDrive App Cloud during the transfer.

If you log into SkyDrive, you are limited to a 300 Mb upload.  Using the App increases this to 2 Gb uploads.

(After logging in, the file can be seen within moments of using your S: drive thanks to the app)

Note: Windows 8 users may not see the Sharing Tab when right clicking on the skydrive folder.   You can click in the right pane and select properties in order to share out this folder.  Also when mapping a network drive, double click on computer  and click on the word computer at the top of the screen in order to see map a network drive ~ Connor


Toolbar Windows 8


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