Save money by upgrading your HDD

As your computer ages, you will notice that it slows down as you add programs.  What is the best way to upgrade?  Install a SSD Drive.  How does this save money?  Before you purchase a new computer, you can add a SSD to your aging laptop or desktop.  This upgrade will improve your performance and save you money.

As we plan to rotate out older computers, we opted to upgrade the computers by adding memory when necessary and replaced HDD with solid state drives.  Instead of purchasing new computers at an average cost of $500 each, the upgrade cost approximately $150.  This in turn adds two to four years to the computers’ service time.

What is the average savings for a workgroup of 20 computers?   $20,000 New Computers vs.  $3000 =$17,000 savings.

Here’s an example of a computer with a HDD vs. SSD.


About TCAT Shelbyville IT Department

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