A wireless printer for home and small businesses

Need a good wireless printer for your home or office?

Samsung has a line of wireless printers that can’t be beat.   We are always asked if there is a printer that supports tablets, smartphones, and computers.  The SCX-3405w series wireless printer offers enterprise level features and performance that is excellent and hard to beat.  The SCX-3405w laser printer can be purchased for less than $100.00 and is a multifunction printer that is easy to setup and use.

Scanning is done to your computer and printing is rated at 20 pages per minute with the first page out in less than 8 seconds.   Copying takes less than 14 seconds.  With ECO printing, toner is saved and printing options from two pages to one, remove images and other options are available.   Printing can be as sharp as 1200 dpi.


Installation of the printer is done by USB cable during the initial setup.  The step by step software helps you to connect the printer to your wireless access point securely.  Once the printer is installed on your network, Samsung offers SyncThru Web Service so the printer can be managed from any device on your network.

Supplies and printer usage can be monitored by the web interface.


The initial toner is rated for approximately 750 sheets.   Full toner cartridges are rated for 1500 sheets.

Samsung offers continuous updates to both software and firmware for the printer.  Samsung offers these upgrades to fix security issues, add features, increase performance  or correct errors.

Managing the printer and updating firmware is easy.

Upgrading the firmware is done through the maintenance menu.   The default login is Admin and SEC00000.  This login information can be changed (The interface prompts you on each login)  and should be changed on your first visit.   In order to obtain the latest drivers or firmware, visit Samsung online.

In order to update your firmware, download the file to your desktop.  Unzip the files once the download is complete.  Click on Maintenance, click on the Upgrade Wizard and follow the prompts.


Once you select the file, you will note that the word fakepath is substituted for the full path to your file.


The file is verified and you will be shown your current version and the new version during this process.


During the upgrade process, you will see the screen below.  Be patient during this process.


The printer offers enterprise level protocols (SNMP all versions, IPv6 and others).   The printer includes Google cloud print so you can print on the go  and all operating systems (Apple, Microsoft and Linux) are supported.   Support for mobile devices is included also.


While injet cartridges have increased in efficiency,   laser jet printers generally are more durable, and efficient.   The support for multiple operating systems,  enterprise protocols and eco print makes this printer an ideal device in your network.


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