TTC Shelbyville’s CIT program wins “Shining Star” award at national conference

The ATEA 2013 National Conference was a great professional development opportunity for all involved in post-secondary technical education.  With an opportunity to meet vendors, recruiters and to network with other professionals; the conference was held in Chattanooga, Tennessee, March 20-22, 2013.


During the Tennessee Technology Center’s Award Ceremony, the CIT program at TTC Shelbyville was recognized as a “Shining Star”.

“In 2009, TTC Shelbyville’s  Computer Information Technology Program began the implementation of an onsite learning management system (LMS) to provide resources for the CIT students. The initial implementation of the on-site e-learning environment provided the CIT students with PowerPoints and testing software that could be used as a resource for students. Since that time, Steve Mallard and Dawn Babian have uploaded over 2,000 resources for students to have access to 24/7 – 365 days a year.  Divided into a modular structure, the LMS provides a career path for students with PowerPoints, exams, certification preparation software, movies and other materials to supplement lectures and hands-on instruction.  The complexity of this program led to a nomination from Computerworld magazine and IDG Enterprises for a Computerworld Laureate  Award in 2011.  Steve and the CIT program won the 2011 Computerworld honors, and Steve was named a Computerworld Laureate in Washington, D.C. during the 2011 ceremony.

Seeing a need for students to have more hands on with advanced networking equipment, Steve and Dawn designed a network that integrates cloud computing with the LMS.  In early 2012, the CIT program attached hardware in the cloud along with cloud computing storage and cloud virtualization with other network equipment to provide students “real hands-on” from home with real network equipment.  TechTarget recognized this achievement and awarded Mr. Mallard the 2012 IT Leadership Award in Innovation and Customer Service.  Dawn Babian was recognized for her achievement in support of the development of the LMS later in 2012.

In September 2012, the LMS server was clustered with a secondary server providing two systems in the cloud and support for classes reached a monthly log-in of 17,000.  The LMS has since been adapted to integrate each of the programs at TTC Shelbyville and is being used to deliver online curriculum for special industry courses for local industry, government and other organizations.  The LMS has recently been upgraded to support streaming video conferencing and allows live video to  be delivered between teachers and students.  The LMS has been updated to include GIS data, pre-configured classes and continues to grow today.   Since its inception, the LMS has been featured in other leading magazines worldwide.


About TCAT Shelbyville IT Department

The Tennessee College of Applied Technology - is one of 46 institutions in the Tennessee Board of Regents System, the seventh largest system of higher education in the nation. This system comprises six universities, fourteen community colleges, and twenty-six Applied Technology Colleges.
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