Speed up your computer using FancyCache

I’m always cautious when I hear about caching programs.  Mickey sent me Bill Mullin’s link over to TechRepublic where Romex’s FancyCache is reviewed.

In its Beta release, FancyCache offers a simplex program that uses unused memory to boost the speed of your hard drive.  But does it work?  Yes.  My Dell Inspirion is already fast, but with FancyCache, programs do open quicker and the computer is even more responsive.  With the ability to tweak how I wanted to cache, I used 2gb of the 6gb of RAM on board in the settings.

The default settings alone were convincing enough to show how my computer sped up after a few minutes of use.   Although my computer is a 64bit laptop, the caching methods used and the read/write cache algorithms did boost performance.

FancyCache is certainly beneficial for 32 bit users who are locked in at 3gb of RAM.   FancyCache can take advantage of memory above this limit to speed up your computer.   And whether you do or don’t elect to install FancyCache, at least tweak your settings in a 32 bit computer to tweak your memory.  (See our Link)

The only problem I had was once I downloaded the software, it said it was expired.   A quick check on their website and keys can be obtained here.   The latest key is valid until July 2013.

Will I buy this product?  I’m not sure yet, time and use of Fancycache will tell.



How to measure your hard drive speed.




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One Response to Speed up your computer using FancyCache

  1. Josh says:

    I put this software to the test on a circa 2007 Toshiba Satellite A-130 Brickbook Laptop running 32-bit MS Vista Home Basic with 2GB Ram and only 50% space remaining on a 60 GB HDD. After spending hours cleaning off 6 years worth of malware, leftover windows installers & orphaned registry keys, this machine still performed middle-of-the-road (as expected for the hardware specs). However, I installed Fancy Cache, used it for a bit (opened a few programs, opened a sluggish control panel & hit a few websites to cache) and noticed the caching taking place. I instantly noticed a major performance increase on just the Fancy Cache default settings. I repair PC’s as my occupation. My customer will notice a speed increase without a doubt. For myself, impressive experience with this software so far.

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